Chemical Pollution and Climate Change Threatening 1,300 Species of Birds

World of Birds

 Queensland stakeholders welcome feds inquiry on Wild Rivers Act
Queensland stakeholders welcome feds inquiry on Wild Rivers Act

More than 1,300 species of birds are threatened with extinction, with chemical pollution and climate change two major culprits. Because of these and other dangers, the status of most of the endangered species is deteriorating, according to BirdLife International.

In the majority of cases, the blame lies with humans, with loss of habitat and chemical contamination of the environment posing a serious threat to birds. The destruction of wetlands, forests and plains has also diminished birds’ food supply, according to Environmental Health News.

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5 Reasons to Love Bananas

WHE Challenges BLM

Wild Horse Education

Wild Horses of the Snowstorm HMA, part of the Owyhee Complex. where the roundup was cancelled after court documents were filed Wild Horses of the Snowstorm HMA, part of the Owyhee Complex. Snowstorm is an area where boundary lines are “sincerely corrupt.”

WHE Challenges the BLM

A “challenge” has been issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the form of a “Request for Applications” (RFA) to veterinarians, scientists, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and other researchers to develop new techniques and protocols for implementing population growth-suppression methods of wild horses.  The submission deadline for applications is May 7, 2014

The budget for fiscal year 2015 is $80.2 million for the wild horse and burro program. BLM plans to use the additional funds for “population control.”

Wild Horse Education will submit a challenge of it’s own to the agency.

“Wild horse and burro ‘management’ is an American disgrace,” stated Wild Horse Education President Laura Leigh “Instead of addressing the disease the BLM is simply looking for another band aide. It’s more than past…

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Action Alert: Contact Washington Governor to End the Slaugter of the Huckleberry Pack Wolves

Exposing the Big Game

copyrighted wolf in water


From another list:

Having killed one Huckleberry pup, WDFW continues aerial gunning:

Below is an example of a letter to WA Governor Inslee. You can contact him at and/or 360-902-4111. The points elucidated in the letter make it clear that WDFW is repeating the dishonest and secretive behavior that led to the slaughter of 7 Wedge Pack wolves in 2012.

The bulleted points in the letter were provide by Amaroq Weiss at the Center for Biological Diversity.

Let’s see if we can make enough noise to stop this killing…

Thanks, W

Dear Governor Inslee –

Please intervene and prevent further slaughter of Huckleberry pack wolves. The WDFW has been dishonest and misleading in its handling of this issue and it is by no means apparent, due to WDFW’s secretive behavior, that nonlethal deterrents and techniques were properly employed or even if they were used in good conscience…

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“Defenders” of Wildlife Supports Wolf Hunting!

Exposing the Big Game

Yet another sell-out group, sleeping with the enemy. Is this what they’re doing with all the donations they keep begging for? Unbelievable!

Should wolves be hunted?

Suzanne Stone
Defenders of Wildlife is not opposed to hunting of wolves. We represent hunters as well as other conservationists and animal rights people. We have a very wide spectrum of people that are our members, but we’ve never been opposed to hunting. As long as it’s hunting done in a manner that other species are hunted, so that it’s not to exterminate the species, but actually to only take surplus from that population. And right now the wolf population in the Northern Rockies is still pretty small. For example, in Idaho we have somewhere around five or six hundred adult wolves, and if you compare that with things like mountain lions, we have over 3,000 mountain lions. We have 20,000 black bears…

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Not For The Faint of Heart

Wild Horse Education

ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West.... on a range that had "voluntary" livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West…. on a range that had “voluntary” livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. (Picture taken in May… and we have revisited him multiple times)

Letter from the Range, Laura Leigh, WHE President

This time of year we are particularly busy with ground work. What WHE does is a “bottom to top” approach that focuses on key factors in a site specific manner. This makes our ability to respond to emails etc rather limited for several months at a time. We are in one of those times. 

In a simplistic overview the majority of what we are doing is gathering comparative information over time to demonstrate the areas where inappropriate action, or no action, has created near crisis situations. You can view some of what has been loaded on the Range page. But on that page you can also…

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The Washington Wolf Dilemna

Wolves and Writing

Huckleberry pups, June 2012 Huckleberry pups, June 2012. Photo from WDFW website.

It’s a disconcerting deja vu. Two years ago we fought hard to prevent the killing of the Wedge pack for their supposed role in livestock depredations. But the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Department (WDFW) ignored public opinion as they spent over $76,000 in a full scale war against the Wedge pack wolves, killing seven of its members.

An OPD article dated November 14, 2012 quotes WDFW spokesperson Madonna Luers as saying, “Our director (Phil Anderson) has said that he never wants to do this again… The social acceptance is just not there.”

Mr. Anderson must have forgotten making this statement because now the Huckleberry pack is being targeted under his authorization. One member, reportedly a pup, has been shot already and three more are in the scopes.

I spoke today with Bob Ferris, Executive Director of Cascadia Wildlands about the issue. Bob…

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Help stop elephant torture. Tell South Africa’s President Zuma that elephants in his country need help



Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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New Rule(s): Stop F&%$ing with our Oceans.

Panda ‘may have faked pregnancy’ for more buns, bamboo



San Francisco Schools Join Meatless Mondays | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

san-francThe San Francisco Unified District has just joined the Meatless Monday movement and will not be serving any of its kids meat once a week.

“The school district recently joined the international Meatless Monday movement and is participating by offering exclusively meat-free meals in its elementary and middle school cafeterias every Monday, and by educating students about the health benefits of eating more plant-based foods,” stated a press release by the Humane Society of the United States praising the district’s decision.

Some of the foods that will be replacing meat menu items on Mondays are “bean burritos, taco triangles with sides of apples and fresh baby carrots.”

“Americans eat too much meat, and we pay a heavy price for it,” said Kristie Middleton, food policy manager of HSUS in a statement. “Providing more plant-based meals to kids can improve their health and raise their consciousness about how their food choices…

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