6 Endearing Tales Of Animals Rescuing Animals | The Dodo

Life or Lunch?

1. This group of elephants put their strong trunks to good use when one of their little calves found himself stuck in the mud. The group worked together to push and pull the little elephant out of the slippery mud pit and get him back to safety.

2. This gallant dog leapt to the rescue when two of his friends found themselves drifting downriver in a runaway canoe. The tide was strong, but this pup was quite the paddler, and managed to grab the rope and pull the other dogs back to shore.

3. Rex, a 10-year-old cross between a German shorthaired and wirehaired pointer, was out for a walk with his owner Leonie Allan when the two passed a kangaroo who had been hit my a car. Thanks to Rex and his keen nose, however, the baby joey that was hidden inside the mother’s pouch was saved. Says Allan…

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