Nestlé Announces Groundbreaking Global Animal Welfare Reforms

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Thank you to N.G. Jayasimha, H.S.I., for this information.

World’s Largest Food Company Aims to Overhaul Chicken, Pig and Cow Treatment throughout Supply Chain

MUMBAI, India (21 Aug. 2014)–Nestlé–the world’s largest food company and makers of iconic brands–such as Nestlé Milkmaid and MAGGI–announced<> an industry-leading animal welfare program that will eliminate several controversial yet standard practices within its global supply system.

Particularly, Nestlé’s new policy states that it will eliminate practices like confining pigs in gestation crates, calves in veal crates and egg-laying hens in cages; the forced rapid growth of chickens used for meat products; and cutting the horns, tails and genitals off farm animals without painkiller.

Humane Society International applauded the announcement.

“We thank Nestle for taking a stand against inhumane factory farming practices,” said N.G. Jayasimha, director of HSI India. “Cruelly confining animals in cages for their entire lives, castrating or removing their tails or…

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