Stop Slaughterhouses From Boiling Animals Alive



Stop Slaughterhouses From Boiling Animals Alive.


19 comments on “Stop Slaughterhouses From Boiling Animals Alive

      • Hi Nancy – your main picture shows dogs trying to escape after they have been skinned alive) in a boiling vat of water in CHINA – this is what they do for example at the Yulin festival last weekend. They are barbarians – please get everyone to sign the petition you have re blogged from my SAV site about this. Now the worlds top dog show people want China to host the 2019 world dog show in China !! – after all the Yulin abuses. This world is kind of going crazy – if it has not got there already – maybe ? – Thanks Mark. SAV Founder – Kent, England.

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  1. Reblogged this on Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox and commented:
    This is just so shocking; the suffering these poor creatures must endure is unimaginable. How can people be so cruel, how can they bear to hear these poor animals cry out in pain and fear? What kind of mentality must they have to cause this awful suffering day after day? It really turns your stomach to think we share this world with people capable of such horrific abuse.

    I have signed the petition, I hope many others will do so and share it widely. We must get this brutality stopped.

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