Enough Already!

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE Politics, all Politics!

So for me to be driven, forced and bullied into creating a NEW Blog about this abhorred, loathed and despised subject, something BIG must have happened.

Well it did.

It seems to me that we, the public, the common people, the ones who pay all of the bills for this Government that appears to have more time off, than any other employees in the world, have little, or no say in what Politicians do, or don’t do.

After more than a week of daily phone abuse, yesterday was the very last straw, I could take no more.

Can you say Political ROBO calls?

Spending hours  on the phone with various Government Agencies and our Phone Company yielded ZERO results, because you see, no one is breaking any laws.

So, yesterday, I vented my fury over the complete lack of any semblance of control in our own home and began this…

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3 comments on “Enough Already!

    • You’re welcome,I hate politics too and I hate those damn robocalls….we’re on the State and National Do Not Call list with a unlisted number and we still get calls…so I know how you feel!
      But unfortunately I probably will not be able to make any comments on your blog about anything…. but know that I will be reading, I’m having trouble with WordPress…this past week I can not make any comments on anyone’s blog nothing shows, up I’m like the ghost writer. If you know of any way for me to correct this I’d appreciate your help I have contacted WordPress but I have not heard anything back…maybe they’re not get my comments either…


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