Vegetables – Natures Perfect Food

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Vegetables - Natures Perfect Food

“It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.”  – Meryl Streep

Eating an abundance of vegetables each and every day is critical for good health, nutrition, weight loss and long term weight management.

Low In Calories

Bell peppers - Vegetables - Natures Perfect FoodVegetables are very low in calories, in fact, many vegetable’s calorie content is insignificant, and so they can be eaten in in unlimited amounts.

Nutrient Rich

They also contain essential anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants protect the body from various types of oxidant stress, cancers and diseases and also increases its capacity to fight against conditions because they increase the body’s immunity potential.


peppers - Bell peppers - Vegetables - Natures Perfect FoodVegetables are also important sources of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Fiber regulates digestion, and protects the body from conditions like hemorrhoids, colon cancer, chronic constipation, and rectal fissures.

Fiber is also essential in weight management as getting the recommended daily…

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“Gut Shooting Wolves,” Conflicts of Interest, and the Ties That Bind. Just Another Day in Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife


At a very recent Wisconsin Conservation Congress “Wolf Committee” meeting a representative for several of the DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” member groups and a longtime anti-wolf zealot was reported to have been overheard making this comment:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

This comment was allegedly made to another anti-wolf member of the committee as the meeting concluded. While I cannot directly confirm the veracity of this comment, I have been assured by multiple wildlife advocates that the person overhearing this comment is of impeccable integrity. However, at this time I will not directly name the person. For several years the person that allegedly made the comment has been engaged in a disinformation campaign and personal crusade against Wisconsin’s wolf population and is also a rabid bear hounder that has allegedly lost a dog to a wolf “depredation” in the past. Considering this person’s history…

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Guest Blog: Help to stop Bull Fighting

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

Below is a guest blog by Luis Lionel an animal rights activist – warning some people may find the videos disturbing.

Bullfighting (corrida de toros in Spanish), also known as tauromachia or tauromachy is a traditional spectacle of some European countries (Spain, Portugal, southern France) and some Hispanic American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru), in which one or more bulls are tortured and finally slaughtered in a bullring.

Supporters consider bullfighting a traditional art form on par with dancing, painting, sculpting and music, perhaps, in the same way as the gladiator confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals, in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, may have been defended with a similar argument.

The politician and physician Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo is the Mayor of Gijón, the largest city and municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain, and one of those bullfighting supporters.


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Military leftovers – a gamechanger for saving wildlife? – Element magazine – NZ Herald News

Wolf Is My Soul

NZ Herald News.

By Jamie Joseph

On the brink of her own mission, Jamie Joseph speaks to an ex-special forces commando who dropped his old life to fight for endangered wildlife.

The white rhinoceros - pictured here in Kenya - is particularly vulnerable to hunting as it is relatively unaggressive and lives in herds, according to the WWF. Photo / Getty Images
The white rhinoceros – pictured here in Kenya – is particularly vulnerable to hunting as it is relatively unaggressive and lives in herds, according to the WWF. Photo / Getty Images

OPINION: About 15 months ago, I saw Damien Mander step up to the TEDxSydney stage with a sense of purpose and determination that left the packed theatre unnervingly challenged. His talk has been described as “provocatively jarring” and “a wakeup call to arms that should be viewed by all human beings”.

Mander is a former Royal Australian Navy clearance diver and special operations military sniper turned anti-poaching crusader. He used his life savings and liquidated his investments and assets to fund the…

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Curious Marmot Interrupts Greenpeace Video With Most Adorable Photobomb Ever | Care2 Causes


via Curious Marmot Interrupts Greenpeace Video With Most Adorable Photobomb Ever | Care2 Causes.

Curious Marmot Interrupts Greenpeace Video With Most Adorable Photobomb Ever

by Alicia Graef

August 15, 2014

Curious Marmot Interrupts Greenpeace Video With Most Adorable Photobomb Ever

Wild animals have had some hilarious reactions to discovering cameras set up to watch them, and one curious little marmot in Montana who decided to step into a project dedicated to protecting its home is no exception.

Members of Greenpeace USA had set out to make a timelapse video of a stunning valley in Glacier National Park to raise awareness about climate change and how it’s impacting the park’s shrinking glaciers and alpine tundra. Instead, they got something that’s arguably even better – a kiss from a marmot.

Writing on Facebook, the group said, ‘Though we didn’t capture the time lapse video of Glacier National Park that we intended to, we captured something much cooler…Marmot Love.’

Even though…

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Sunday Morning: Why I live in mortal dread

Live & Learn

You’ll say you don’t have time to watch this.
It’s 13 minutes.
You need to move on to the next post.

And I’m telling you that
this woman is something special.

Don’t quit on this one.
Take it to the finish.

Good Sunday Morning.

Megan Alexandra Washington, 28, was born in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. She is an Australian musician and songwriter also known mononymously as Washington. Originally performing jazz music her style evolved to indie pop and alternative rock where she sings and plays piano and guitar.  She developed a stutter early in her life and continues to struggle with her speech.  Find her website here: Find her album on iTunes here: I Believe You Liar

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Heartbroken Polar Bear Dies In Africa

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

A ‘heartbroken’ polar bear in South Africa has died in a zoo after months of pining over the death of his partner earlier this year.

Officials at Johannesburg Zoo said Wang, 28, believed to be the last polar bear in Africa, was put down because it was suffering from heart and liver failure.

The zoo said Wang had been pining over the death in January of polar bear GeeBee, his partner of 27 years at the zoo.

Scroll down for video

Wang, the last polar bear at Johannesburg Zoo (pictured on Valentine's Day this year), has been put down after suffering from heart and liver failure

Wang, the last polar bear at Johannesburg Zoo (pictured on Valentine’s Day this year), has been put down after suffering from heart and liver failure

He was the last remaining polar bear at the zoo, which has said it does not plan to replace the animals.

Keepers had given Wang special treats following the death of GeeBee…

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SeaWorld to upgrade killer whale habitats

Documentary to Show Sam Simon’s End of Life and Animal Activism | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

Sam-Simon-592x426Sam Simon will once again be on television but this time he will be in front of the camera. “The Simpsons” co-creator, TV producer, and animal rights activist has agreed to allow a TV crew to follow the last months of his life, documenting his struggle with cancer and his animal activism.

Simon, who was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer in 2012, mentioned he had been approached for the project in an exclusive interview with Ecorazzi earlier this year.

“They offered me a reality show. They want me to die on TV,” he said back in May. “I’m thinking about it. This guy is the head of a very big studio. I was not interested at all, but he gave a really compelling presentation. These guys are good. [It’s] a chance to shoot my mouth off on TV, make people boycott SeaWorld and Ringling Brothers.”

Fusion announced Simon…

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The Surprising Food Flavor That Can Help You Shed Pounds

Soldiers reunite with dogs and cats they rescued in Afghanistan

Sea World’s profits fall $42MILLION below Wall Street’s expectations after devastating Blackfish documentary (USA)

The ocean update

  • Revenue declined 1.5 percent to $405.2 millionand analysts expected $447.7 million
  • SeaWorld shares dropped $8.41, or 30 percent, to $19.74 in midday trading and the stock is down 31 percent this year
  • A documentary last year called Blackfish suggested that the company’s treatment of the killer whales provokes violent behavior from them
  • No human has ever been injured by a killer whale in the wild but they have been killed their trainers when in captivity

Killer whales have never been violent towards humans in the wild but they have in captivity Killer whales have never been violent towards humans in the wild but they have in captivity

August 14th, 2014. Shares of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (SEAS) fell Wednesday after the theme park operator reported second-quarter profit and sales that missed Wall Street expectations and cut its outlook for the year.

The Orlando, Florida-based company also said it believes attendance during the period was hurt by negative publicity surrounding its treatment of killer whales, which are trained…

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Dolphin adopts new calf (New Zealand)

The ocean update

UNITED : A bottlenose dolphin known as Kiwi with her adopted calf Pee-Wee. UNITED : A bottlenose dolphin known as Kiwi with her adopted calf Pee-Wee.

August 16th, 2014. Kiwi takes to the sea with Pee-Wee

A bottlenose dolphin thought to have lost its calf after becoming stranded in the Kerikeri Inlet five years ago has adopted a baby of another species.

Bay of Islands dolphin spotters are delighted by their discovery this week.

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America: Land of the Free, Home of the Arrogant

Fight for Rhinos

rhino with US flag

Saving the rhino in Africa, from China and Vietnam is a familiar scenario. But another disturbing piece of the equation lies within the US. American hunters have long been drawn to the thrill of “big game”, hunting down rhino, elephant and lion in Africa.

Recently the US Fish and Wildlife Services set a new precedent, giving permission to a hunter to bring back his rhino kill from Africa. This has not been allowed for 30 years. Opening the door to wealthy Americans to slaughter endangered species in the wild for trophies is a dangerous trend to start.

Of course it takes two to tango. Shame on the Namibian government for allowing the hunt, and shame on US Fish and Wildlife for encouraging  the hunter with incentive to keep the trophy.

According to Fish and Wildlife, “The Service cannot and will not allow the importation of sport-hunted trophies of species protected…

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Sea Shepherd’s Open Letter …. SeaWorld!!

It Is What It Is


~~August 15, 2014~~ 

Sea Shepherd’s Open Letter to SeaWorld: More than Bigger Tanks, Orcas Need the Ocean

Dear SeaWorld,

Your stocks are dropping by the day. You’re bleeding financially in the wake of the powerful documentary “Blackfish” and, more importantly, the public’s growing realization that confining intelligent cetaceans to cruel and small tanks and forcing them to perform is just plain wrong. As the backlash continues, there is a better move forward – and a better use of your money – than your plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build bigger orca tanks.


As a company responsible for the care of animals, with any steps that you take, you should be asking yourselves “Would this change be better for the animals? Would they want this,” as Sea Shepherd’s Founder Captain Paul Watson says. Yes, bigger tanks, giving these massive orcas more room to swim, would…

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EIA: 500 Kruger Rhinos Have Been Relocated To Private Rhino Trophy Hunting Farms

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

A new rhino poaching remedy to trigger alarm bells?

August 14, 2014

The announcement by South Africa Environment Minister Edna Molewa earlier this week that up to 500 rhino could be relocated from the world famous Kruger National Park to protect them from poachers was undermined by the revelation that the bulk of the animals would go to private game reserves.

Rhino poached for its horn in South Africa (c) AP SA

Investigative journalism site Oxpeckers stated: “SANParks signed contracts with three hunting outfits based in Northern Cape reserves late last year for the translocation of 260 Kruger rhinos.

“The estimated income from these sales, in addition to a further 20 rhinos to be sold on auction, was R80-million.”

Once again, it would appear that a significantly lucrative strategy is being dressed up as a rhino conservation measure.

South Africa is already significantly out of step with world opinion as it hammers away at its bid to secure approval from…

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British government horse meat scandal cover-up

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This February 2013 video from Britain is called Horsemeat scandal: how safe is your food?

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Official report into horsemeat scandal ‘blocked’ amid new food safety fears

Publication of inquiry into 2013 food fraud delayed after national salmonella outbreak and reports of contaminated chicken

Felicity Lawrence

Friday 15 August 2014 19.47 BST

The official report into the causes of the horsemeat scandal has been shelved until at least the autumn, prompting criticism that the government is not doing enough on food safety.

The inquiry by Chris Elliott, professor of food safety at Queen’s University Belfast, was announced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 16 months ago and was to have been completed by the spring. It is expected to highlight the impact of spending cuts on frontline enforcement and inspection in the food industry.

But sources have told the Guardian that…

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The Complicated Link Between Depression and Brain Diseases

Australian cattle exports to Vietnam rise by almost 9000 per cent

Zambia: Chinese Firm Demand Their Zambian Workers Kill Dogs

Will SeaWorld’s Financial Woes Force It to Free Whales?

Igor Purlantov

The business of owning and training captive killer whales in the United States just became a lot less profitable.  SeaWorld rocked the financial world and thrilled animal rights activists on Wednesday when its stock price dropped by 35 percent to a record low after the company announced that attendance at its water parks this year has fallen 4.3 percent.

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8 Steps to Treating Cancer from the Science of Ayurveda

Enough Already!

tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture

Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE Politics, all Politics!

So for me to be driven, forced and bullied into creating a NEW Blog about this abhorred, loathed and despised subject, something BIG must have happened.

Well it did.

It seems to me that we, the public, the common people, the ones who pay all of the bills for this Government that appears to have more time off, than any other employees in the world, have little, or no say in what Politicians do, or don’t do.

After more than a week of daily phone abuse, yesterday was the very last straw, I could take no more.

Can you say Political ROBO calls?

Spending hours  on the phone with various Government Agencies and our Phone Company yielded ZERO results, because you see, no one is breaking any laws.

So, yesterday, I vented my fury over the complete lack of any semblance of control in our own home and began this…

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Idaho Wants to Make Wildlife Killing Contests an Annual Event: Please Send Letter to Oppose

Our Compass

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons



You may recall this past December Idaho held a highly controversial killing contest targeting both wolves and coyotes. This was the first time wolves were targeted in a predator killing contest since their reintroduction.

We have just learned the killing contest sponsor, a group called Idaho for Wildlife, is seeking to repeat this contest over several years, this time not only targeting wolves and coyotes — with prizes awarded for killing the most coyotes and the largest wolf–  but also other predators, in a multi-year “predator derby” scheduled for the next five winters (with the next one scheduled for January 2-4, 2015).

This event would be damaging to the affected ecosystem, harmful to ecologically vital species, incompatible with scientific principles of wildlife management, and offensive to the concept of fair chase, ethical hunting.

Your comments are needed NOW. Urge the BLM to deny Idaho…

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Creation: The amazing woodpecker

Photo of the Day: U.S. Beef and Dairy Slaughter Waning

The Paw Report

cow slaughter“Clearly, beef cow slaughter is waning – not only in absolute terms but also in the total cow slaughter mix. Simultaneously, though, dairy cow slaughter is also declining, as higher milk prices and declining feed costs have introduced new culling strategies within the dairy sector.”

Source:Beef Magazine, August 13, 2014

Interested in going meat-free?There’s an upcoming FREE webinar (August 20, 1-2PM) on why you should adopt Meatless Mondays into your diet. You can register for it here  Also, check out another free webinar (September 17, 1-2 PM) on cooking meatless meals. Register for the webinar here.

For advice, meal ideas, and reasons to go vegan, check out:

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