Unrequired Love

Blame It on Love

SONY DSCYes, that’s unrequired, not unrequited love.

What real love entails, in my estimation, as defining it is too trite:

Ask yourself this:

Would you be fully willing to welcome whichever individual into your soul or your most private thoughts, even your dreams, without shame, with confidence they’ll not see any harmful wishes regarding them there? That they’ll see themselves thought of fondly and that you wish all good things for them, even if you know their faults, and you wish to be connected with them forever if that’s possible? That you’ll miss them terribly if there’s an afterlife and you don’t find them again? Do you dread the thought of never having met them or had them in your life?

And you’re not overly concerned about their judgment of your most personal inner workings, because you’re confident they love you in return, that they would welcome you into their private…

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