Unrequired Love

Blame It on Love

SONY DSCYes, that’s unrequired, not unrequited love.

What real love entails, in my estimation, as defining it is too trite:

Ask yourself this:

Would you be fully willing to welcome whichever individual into your soul or your most private thoughts, even your dreams, without shame, with confidence they’ll not see any harmful wishes regarding them there? That they’ll see themselves thought of fondly and that you wish all good things for them, even if you know their faults, and you wish to be connected with them forever if that’s possible? That you’ll miss them terribly if there’s an afterlife and you don’t find them again? Do you dread the thought of never having met them or had them in your life?

And you’re not overly concerned about their judgment of your most personal inner workings, because you’re confident they love you in return, that they would welcome you into their private…

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Many Bird Species Exposed to “Eye Disease,” New Study Finds

World of Birds

“The results were shocking,” says André Dhondt, director of Bird Population Studies at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. “More than half the bird species we tested have been exposed to the bacteria responsible for House Finch eye disease.” A paper recently published in the online scientific journal PLOS ONE shows that a bacterial parasite previously thought to infect only a few species of feeder birds is actually infecting a surprisingly wide range of species, though most do not show signs of illness.

“This organism, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, is much more widespread than anyone thought,” Dhondt explains, “although in most species there are no signs of conjunctivitis.”

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Long Day? Just – – It.

Okay Everybody…stand up and do the shimmy shimmy shake shake…we all could use some exercise…and the day with a giggle…:-)

Live & Learn


Source: themetapicture.com. Thanks Susan.

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An Epic Move for Rhinos

Fight for Rhinos

crash in kruger © Scotch Macaskill Crash in Kruger via Scotch Macaskill. A crash is a group of rhino-increasingly rare with the escalation of poaching.

After much speculation as to whether or not it would happen, the South African government has made it official. They have approved moving 500 rhino out of Kruger National Park.

Of the rhino to be moved, 260 will be sold to private buyers and another 250 taken to a safe location.

edna molewa Edna Molewa, SA Minister of Environmental Affairs

Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs, confirmed the possibility the rhino will be sent to Botswana and Zambia, where there will be “intense protection zones”.

According to Molewa, “this move, along with creating rhino strongholds could allow a total rhino population size of South Africa continue to grow.”

Botswana not only has better political and economic stability and a smaller population than South Africa, but they recently banned commercial trophy hunting and in 2013 adopted the controversial…

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Robin Williams Died Sober

Robin Williams had Parkinson’s disease, wife says

Sheldon, What Happens Next?

Wild Horse Education

Father watches over his new daughter. Father watches over his new daughter.

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)  is in the very last days of “zeroing out” the mustang and burro population that lives within their boundaries.

As the helicopter removal phase ends three big questions remain: What happens to the horses and burros removed this year, what happened last year and what are the plans for the stragglers left on the refuge and those that WILL come in off BLM land until the fencing project has been completed?

Our inbox has been flooded with these questions.

A good place to start would be to watch the video put out by KTVL, the only media station to cover the roundup. http://www.ktvl.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/ktvl_vid_13468.shtml

You can read Sheldon’s page about the removal here: http://www.fws.gov/sheldonhartmtn/sheldon/horseburro.html

Let’s start with last year. WHE did file legal action last year to attempt to address these issues…

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Ask Umbra: Is “canned air” bad for the planet?



Ask Umbra: Is “canned air” bad for the planet?.

Are women our best hope for fighting climate change?


Are women our best hope for fighting climate change?.

All That Is Necessary for the Triumph of the Geese Killers is for Us to Do NOTHING

Exposing the Big Game


The public appears to  have entered an era of indifference to the plight of Canada geese trying to coexist with humans.  The major newspapers and news stations are utterly uninterested in running any geese stories.  Not “newsworthy enough”.  This kind of don’t-give-a-shit atmosphere is EXACTLY what communities and law enforcement and the USDA like best of all: prime goose-slaughter conditions.
The lone standouts: City Living Seattle will be running an article by Christie Lagally, it looks as if the Woodinville Weekly will do one, and you may also see letters to the editor by Diane Weinstein. Please, when you do, comment and write your own letters; let editors know this is a subject that still matters a LOT to a LOT of noisy, articulate, persistent people.  Allowing, by our apathy, the slaughter of Canada geese for reasons of selfishness and convenience is dangerous, not least…

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Residents call massive mine spill in British Columbia, Canada an environmental disaster

The Extinction Protocol

August 2014CANADA – The scale of the spill at the Mount Polley Mine is becoming clearer tonight.  Reporter John Daly has more on how authorities are responding to the tailings breach. Local residents are calling it an environmental disaster. A breach of the tailings pond on Mount Polley Mine sent five million cubic meters of toxic waste into Hazeltine Creek, Quesnel Lake and Polley Lake, with fears it could spread far and wide in the coming days. Residents in the area, along with visitors to waterways near the Mount Polley Mine close to Likely, B.C., have been issued a complete water ban. Affecting close to 300 homes, it extends to the entire Quesnel and Cariboo River systems up to the Fraser River, including Quesnel Lake, Cariboo Creek, Hazeltine Creek and Polley Lake. People in Quesnel are also being asked to avoid using water from the Quesnel River, and…

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Tell Congress to Protect Tiger Habitat

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

World Wildlife Fund:  “Forests are being destroyed and degraded at alarming rates—equivalent to 36 football fields every minute.

“One major driver of forest loss and degradation is illegal logging, which includes the harvesting, transporting, processing, buying or selling of timber in violation of national laws. As the world’s largest consumer of forest products, Americans play a key role in deterring illegally sourced timber and protecting important habitats for wild tigers.

“In 2008, Congress recognized the threat of deforestation to wildlife and people by amending the Lacey Act of 1900 to prohibit illegal timber and timber products from entering the US market. It’s critical that we implement the Lacey amendments to the fullest extent possible in order to realize the benefits they can have for forests and tigers around the globe” (World Wildlife Fund).

Go here to sign the letter: support.worldwildlife.org

This is one of those cases where winning doesn’t get…

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Yabba, Dabba, Do … Not Eat Animals | PETAs Blog | PETA

Life or Lunch?

A group of “cavepeople” gathered (not hunted) outside the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., to help launch PETA’s new ad, which features a modern-day take on a cave painting. The ad has been placed on a bus shelter across the street from the museum and on other nearby bus shelters.

The Writing Is on the Wall ad

The Neanderthal demonstrators were joined by some Homo sapiens, who handed out free Beyond Meat chicken salad sandwiches to passersby as a tasty reminder that in today’s world, filled with infinite choices, there’s no need to go all Cro-Magnon on other species.

Meat Belongs in the Stone Age demo

With numerous diseases—such as heart disease, strokes, and diabetes—linked to meat consumption, a growing body of evidence indicates that plant foods are the healthiest choices for humans. After all, our closest living ape relatives—gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans—eat mostly vegan foods. Moreover, hominids’ short, blunt canine teeth and flat molars are more suited…

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Stop the massacre

Vegan Lynx

In November, more than 500 000 animals will be sacrificed in Nepal. Please sign to stop the sacrifices.

Sign here.

The petition is in German.

Fill in the fields like this:

First name, Last Name
Email address, Country.

There’s also a field for phone number, but I’m assuming that’s just for Germans.

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