Whales Serve As Important Ecosystem Engineers

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Whales serve as important ecosystem engineers, study finds

By Elizabeth Learned,

Experts have found that when it comes to the ecosystems in the oceans, the main engineers are the whales.

According to the Press Trust of India, a study believes that when it comes to the earth’s oceans, how the globe’s carbon is stored and the impact on health when it comes to fisheries, a huge influence can be found in whales.

Joe Roman, who is a biologist with the University of Vermont, said, “For a long time, whales have been considered too rare to make much of a difference in the oceans.”

However, Roman and other researchers looked at decades of research when it came to whales from all over. The researchers said, “The continued recovery of great whales may help to buffer marine ecosystems from destabilizing stresses.”

The study was published in the journal…

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