Serbia: **URGENT ACTION 9/8/14** – Illegal Action by Local Police Takes Baby Deer From Carer and Hands It To Hunters Who May Kill It Or Let It Die. Telephone Police Director and Insist That Baby Deer Is Rescued and Returned To Its Proper Owner, Mrs. Mitic; Who Will Ensure It Has Proper Food and Care.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag

baby deer 1

We have a very urgent request to save the life of a baby deer

from Illegal Police Action and Serbian hunters.

It is especially important that Serbian campaigners telephone the police about this and request that action is taken to return the deer to Mrs Dragana Mitic.

Police telephone numbers and e mails are:

Minister of Police  011 314-83-64; 011 314-83-65; факс 011 314-85-35


and of Director of Serbian police. 011 313-96-58; 011 313-96-57;

факс 011 313-98-87



            Nebojša Stefanović


            Phone : 011 314-83-64; 011 314-83-65; faks 011 314-85-35



Ivan Ristić

Phone : 011 314-83-61; faks 011 314-83-58


Direktor policije                                                                                                              _____

            Milorad Veljović


            Phone : 011 313-96-58; 011 313-96-57; faks 011 313-98-87


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