NACO Faces Another Motion To Dismiss Case to Destroy Wild Horses

Wild Horse Education

An area of water haul An area of water haul

(Reno,NV) Today Wild Horse Education President Laura Leigh filed a legal brief in federal court pro se to dismiss the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) suit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove and destroy wild horses across the state. Leigh was granted Intervenor status after filing her initial brief in January of 2014.

The brief filed today supports motions already filed to dismiss the suit made by the BLM and other Interveners in the case. In her earlier motion Leigh states that the challenge made in the courts by NACO are not valid as Congressional mandate under Appropriations disallows the killing of healthy wild horses and the challenge itself is made in an “across the board” fashion that is not allowable. In this brief she restates those claims. In addition she adds sight specific information to show why an across the board…

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