Thank you to Hallmark for responding to elephant advocate outrage


10522144_851974788154007_8098451405893074393_nHi everyone, this is an update on Hallmark who had listed ivory as the 14th wedding anniversary gift idea (from elephants who shed tusks). Many advocates emailed them and posted on their Facebook wall and they have done the following. THANK YOU TO Hallmark for responding to elephant advocates’ outrage and CHANGING their theme for a 14th wedding anniversary from Ivory to Animals, with ethical choices for gifts including an eco-tour or donation to a wildlife organization! Thanks to all of YOU who responded to our August 3rd call to action – you did it! We appreciate Hallmark’s response to our concerns that they were promoting the sale of ivory, and over their misinformation that ivory jewelry is often made from ivory “shed naturally from animals”. Here is the new text on their website:

Theme: Animals
Note: The traditional 14th year gift was ivory, but endangered…

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Laurel and Hardy dance Santana and you will love it, dang it!

Justin Bieber song scares away bear, Russian fisherman saved


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Judge Rules Placitas Horses are not Wild

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source:  Albuquerque Journal

by Rosalie Rayburn,  Journal Staff Writer

Copyright © 2014 Albuquerque Journal

A state District Court judge in Bernalillo County has ruled that the feral horses roaming Placitas are not wild and therefore fall under state livestock laws.

The Placitas-based Wild Horse Observers Association filed the case in February seeking to stop the New Mexico Livestock Board from picking up horses from private property in the village under a law governing estray livestock. They asked the court to declare that the Placitas feral horses are wild.

Judge Valerie Huling’s ruling issued July 16 said the Wild Horse Observers Association “failed to demonstrate that the horses at issue are not estray livestock and that the (Livestock) Board acted outside of its authority under the Livestock Code.”

Jordan Beckett, the Oregon-based attorney representing WHOA, said the organization is considering filing an appeal by mid-August.

“New Mexico’s wild horse statute distinguishes…

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Farming practices and climate change at root of Toledo water pollution

Stop Making Sense

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for The Guardian:

lake erie water‘The toxins that contaminated the water supply of the city of Toledo – leaving 400,000 people without access to safe drinking water for two days – were produced by a massive algae boom. But this is not a natural disaster.

Water problems in the Great Lakes – the world’s largest freshwater system – have spiked in the last three years, largely because of agricultural pollution. Toledo draws its drinking water from Lake Erie.

…The main cause for such algal blooms is an overload of phosphorus, which washes into lakes from commercial fertiliser used by farming operations as well as urban water-treatment centres. Hotter and longer summers also promote the spread of the blue-green scum.’


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Dolphin Talk Radio Interviews Two Creative Athletes Making a Difference for Dolphins

Champions for Cetaceans

By Kirsten Massebeau

Meet Jennifer Wolfsong and Shannon Richards true champions for dolphins! Meet Jennifer Wolfsong and Shannon Richards true champions for dolphins!

Please join us on the new Dolphin Talk Radio featuring your hosts Barbara Napoles and Kirsten Massebeau as they interview Shannon Richards a triathlon athlete and Jennifer Wolfsong a marathon runner who have dedicated their races to saving dolphins. Inspired by “Blackfish” and “The Cove” both Jennifer and Shannon have inspirational journeys to share as they talk about how they became involved in the fight to save dolphins from capture, captivity and slaughter.

Join us for the show! Call in and get involved in spreading awareness for dolphins!Join us for the show! Call in and get involved in spreading awareness for dolphins!

The Tuesday August 5, 2014 Dolphin Talk Radio Show entitled “Athletes Running for Dolphin Freedom” will begin at 11pm Eastern time and 8pm Pacific time. Call in with your questions and comments (424) 675-8287. Dolphin Talk Radio is a way to stand up, speak out…

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‘Cinder’ the bear cub burned in Carlton Complex Fire now recovering

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