Two Wild Horses Die in Utah Roundup

Straight from the Horse's Heart

BLM spokeswoman Lisa Reid tried to put a spin on euthanizing one horse at a roundup because it had a “severely deformed leg from a previous fracture.”  But what is not addressed is that this wild horse was chased (probably for many miles) by a helicopter, while running on it’s “severely deformed leg,” prior to the BLM deciding to euthanize it.   (The BLM also euthanizes wild horses with “club feet,” who also manage to run miles during roundups.)

Also, regarding the young filly who “apparently charged into a side panel and broke her neck,” wild horses are not used to riding on trucks or being separated from family band members.   If this filly just “charged into a side panel” she may have been frightened by the entire process.  LEAVE OUR WILD HORSES ON THEIR FEDERALLY PROTECTED HERD MANAGEMENT AREAS!   –  Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:  The Salt Lake Tribune

(Al Hartmann |…

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