Study blames missing livestock on Florida Panthers


So you say?

I say that the Florida panther has been driven from every corner of Florida and everywhere in-between.

The Cattle Ranchers still think like they are back a hundred years ago when they just allowed the cattle to wander all around Florida?

If Floridians wish to control our endangered wild life, we all must start in our own backyards.

We have corralled the panther into one area of Florida.

The cattle ranchers now must corral their herd to one area also?

AP Exclusive:

As Florida panther rebounds, study blames missing livestock on the predators

The ranchers seek to nurture and protect their calves, while the panthers see them as prey.

Human development won the battle, driving the large, tawny, cats to the brink of extinction before successful efforts to restore them began decades ago.

But with Florida’s panther population recovering, some farmers complain the protected 6-to-7-foot long predators…

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