Rescuing the Rescuer


Jelena Paunović, activist, rescuer and journalist in Sarajevo needs our help. Please read about her here. Jelena is one of the main reasons anyone outside of Bosnia Herzegovina knows about the dire situation for strays. During last year’s attempt to change the BiH animal welfare laws she was fully engaged with helping organise demonstrations against these changes.

She has investigated the ‘horror shelters’ and shared the story, often putting her own life in danger.

If you have read in this blog the appalling situations in the so-called dog shelters, and in particular with the dog ‘shelter’ in Hresa, it is primarily due to Jelena’s investigative work. No one will ever forget the photograph of the starving dog, taken at the shelter.

xxx But the fact remains that for an intelligent, educated, dedicated young woman in Bosnia, someone who fights a cause – animal welfare  – that the government shows no…

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Heartwarming surprise: Bank’s ATM gives something more than just money

California wake-up call: Extreme drought will lead to migration exit and real estate collapse

Terrifying Executive Order Just Signed By Obama Will Drop Your Jaw to the Floor! Ebola Patent BioWeapon and the Outbreak in the US?!

Reality Of Christ

Considering the global elite have yet to accomplish their goal through threats of war and economic chaos which I do believe will eventually be accomplished, they are now spreading the Ebola virus. National Public Radio reported already that two people infected with the virus are being brought to Atlanta, Georgia.

To be blunt, all it takes is one cough, one drop of saliva, one sneeze, and the virus will spread in our main transportation hubs.

Could a pandemic be upon us? If not why did Obama go to the extent of signing an executive order to include the symptoms of Ebola? Furthermore why is there a patent for the Ebola (EboBun) virus? This and more is discussed in the video below….
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Bioaccumulation of Fukushima radiation in global food supply


plate-radiationFukushima Radiation Poisoning Global Food Supply (includes videos) Chemtrail Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted in the first three days. — World Nuclear Association 

Report by Dr. Bill Deagle reminds us that extinction-level amounts of lethal radiation continues to contaminate the planet.

It has to be considered that the consequences of global panic in response to full public knowledge the horrific Fukushima event are so dire that corporate media outlets have been instructed not to cover it.  Instead, we get bizarre reports on MH-370, MH-17, the Ebola virus, Israeli war on Gaza, Impeaching Obama,…on and on.

By not reporting on Fukushima, “authorities” hope to hide the dire consequences of continued radiation leak(s) from the American people and global populations…

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Lawsuit Filed to Halt BLM’s Scheduled Wild Horse Roundup on the Wyoming Checkerboard

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, is the plaintiff in this case.  Carol has been documenting wild horses in Wyoming, Montana and Colorado for ten years.  Her book Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses, contains photos of the Adobe Town horses

Carol Walker and her mustang companion, Mica. Carol Walker and her mustang companion, Mica.

Carol Walker, plaintiff in the case and Wild Horse Freedom Federation board member said,” BLM is primed and ready to annihilate wild horse families in the Adobe Town HMA despite the fact that the vast majority of these horses do not even live in the Checkerboard.”  The noted photographer and author went on to say, “the horses would not have a chance if this action goes forward.  They’ll be destined to a life of incarceration and the American public will lose an iconic symbol of freedom and independence.”

Press Release: For Immediate Release


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Study blames missing livestock on Florida Panthers


So you say?

I say that the Florida panther has been driven from every corner of Florida and everywhere in-between.

The Cattle Ranchers still think like they are back a hundred years ago when they just allowed the cattle to wander all around Florida?

If Floridians wish to control our endangered wild life, we all must start in our own backyards.

We have corralled the panther into one area of Florida.

The cattle ranchers now must corral their herd to one area also?

AP Exclusive:

As Florida panther rebounds, study blames missing livestock on the predators

The ranchers seek to nurture and protect their calves, while the panthers see them as prey.

Human development won the battle, driving the large, tawny, cats to the brink of extinction before successful efforts to restore them began decades ago.

But with Florida’s panther population recovering, some farmers complain the protected 6-to-7-foot long predators…

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Two Wild Horses Die in Utah Roundup

Straight from the Horse's Heart

BLM spokeswoman Lisa Reid tried to put a spin on euthanizing one horse at a roundup because it had a “severely deformed leg from a previous fracture.”  But what is not addressed is that this wild horse was chased (probably for many miles) by a helicopter, while running on it’s “severely deformed leg,” prior to the BLM deciding to euthanize it.   (The BLM also euthanizes wild horses with “club feet,” who also manage to run miles during roundups.)

Also, regarding the young filly who “apparently charged into a side panel and broke her neck,” wild horses are not used to riding on trucks or being separated from family band members.   If this filly just “charged into a side panel” she may have been frightened by the entire process.  LEAVE OUR WILD HORSES ON THEIR FEDERALLY PROTECTED HERD MANAGEMENT AREAS!   –  Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:  The Salt Lake Tribune

(Al Hartmann |…

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Dr. Steven Best at Animal Rights Conference 2014

Our Compass

Published on Jul 16, 2014

Dr. Steven Best is introduced by Michael Webermann, Executive Director at Farm Animal Rights Movement. Dr. Best discusses the differences between the animal welfare and the animal rights movements.

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