Air France, Stop Transporting Primates

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Stop Transporting Primates For Research

Source:  American Anti-Vivisection Society

“Animal advocates have been successful in international efforts to convince every major passenger airline to stop its transport of primates for research, except for one: Air France. While the airline claims that nonhuman primates are vital for research into human disease, the fact remains that it has no expertise in this area, particularly concerning the care, treatment, and special needs of monkeys.

We need your help in encouraging Air France to say NO to transporting primates for research!

“AAVS documents the research industry’s importation of monkeys and the suffering those monkeys are forced to endure in its 2011 report entitled “Primates by the Numbers: the Use and Importation of Nonhuman Primates for Research and Testing in the United States.” Primates who are caught in this trade are typically juvenile monkeys torn from their families, who are then packed into crates…

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