Is Animal Liberation Love or Terrorism? Feds Say Terrorism | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?


Saving a life is usually a selfless act of heroism, unless that life is an animal’s life — then it’s sometimes considered terrorism.

While ag-gag laws have been in the forefront of animal activism, the arrests and indictments of two animal activists puts the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) — an act where helping animals boils down to domestic terrorism — on the map again.

Animal Activists Become Terrorists

As reported in The Blaze, earlier this month, two concerned animal activists were federally indicted by a grand jury.

What was their heinous crime?

Allegedly setting 2,000 minks stuck in an Illinois fur farm free, in August 2013. In the eyes of the law, this act translates to conspiracy and interfering with animal enterprise. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the two California men in their late twenties are looking at five years in prison and a whopping $250,000…

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