Discussion between a hunting company a hunter and an anti

Give your self time to read this……
A very detailed look into the minds of psychopaths

END Trophy Hunting NOW

Anti: This was almost certainly a set-up and this is just another piece of hunting porn a la Mark Sullivan.

Company: Thank you for taking the time to comment on this video. We would like to inform you that this was not a setup. This company has, and never will, create situations like this to promote videos. This happened on a normal hunt, where the group of hunters had the intention to kill the lioness as quickly as possible.  Hunters normally don’t have the desire to let their prey suffer, and I assure you the hunters in this group did not want to cause a charge deliberately. Thanks again for your input.

Anti: Unfortunately there are a lot of hunters that do enjoy to see their prey suffer. If you don’t believe me trying going over to the Facebook pages of some of the hunters and you will find out.

Company: I agree, and…

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