World Elephant Day, 12 August

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This video is called Natural World 2009 Elephants without Borders.

From the Conservation Action Trust in South Africa:

World Elephant Day 2014

The 12th of August, World Elephant Day, is about celebrating the iconic majesty of elephants, recognizing the mystique of these enigmatic grey giants and accepting them as fellow sentient beings who bring joy and richness to the lives of all who are privileged to see them.

They are revered in many cultures and it may indeed have been this respect that made ivory seem so precious and desirable. The insatiable demand for ivory is now threatening the survival of Elephants in many countries, so on World Elephant Day we should pause to consider the many threats they face from poaching, the ivory trade, habitat destruction and space limitation.

So often the question is raised” What can I do about it?” so here are some suggestions for World…

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