BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)

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Please view on YouTube, “like” it (horrible choice we know) and comment so more people will see how America’s heritage is being butchered.

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Shameless? Crystal Cruises will charge High amount of money for tourists to see melting Arctic and polar bears in their disappearing habitat



  • Luxurious month-long grand tour will give tourists the chance to see endangered Arctic animals and threatened icy landscape
  • Trip is set to appeal to lovers of the great outdoors but there is no mention of the cruise’s environmental impact in the brochure
  • ‘Once-in-a-lifetime expeditionary voyage’ is being offered by Crystal Cruises from almost 23,800 dollars
  • Ship will embark from the Gulf of Alaska on August 16, 2016
  • Company claims its cruise ship will be the first to traverse the Northwest Passage – a sea route that’s becoming more accessible due to melting ice
  • Holiday includes expeditions, kayaking trips and lectures by experts


In 2008, cruise company Carnival said that on average, its ships released 712kg of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

Taking into consideration the number of passengers they carried, experts worked out that a journey was 36 times as damaging as a Eurostar trip when it came to carbon emissions, although…

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Urgent: Comment Against MT Fur Farm

Negatives of Neonicotinoids

Living With Insects Blog

Bumblebee Bumblebee The use of neonicotinoid insecticides was widely adopted in the 1990s as one of the few effective pesticides against sweet potato whitefly and other sucking insects. Some of the organophospates with high toxicity to humans were displaced by neonicotinoids with low toxicity to humans, greatly reducing the human health hazards.

Neonicotinoid use has grown in the last decade, especially as seed treatments. Many crop seeds are only sold treated with neonicotinoids as a “seed insurance” whether or not the grower wants it. The neonicotinoids are being used against variable insect pests that may not even be present. In such situations, harm outweighs benefit. Neonicotinoids have long residual life in the soil and are water soluble. Neonicotinoids are detectable in surface waters near agricultural areas. Plants absorb neonicotinoid from the soil and translocate it into the tissues and plant fluids such as nectar. Neonicotinoids are orders of magnitude more toxic…

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Do No Harm


Do No Harm.

KWS Rangers kill poacher next to the 45-year-old elephant he had killed in Tsavo

Notice to WordPress Users about Missing Vertical Scrollbar in Text Editor

Lantern Timeglass Journal

Note to WordPress Users

About Missing Vertical Scrollbar in Text Editor

Published about 11:00 a.m. CT Monday 28 July 2014

by Jim Lantern at Timeglass Journal

During the past weekend and week, I began to notice some design changes at WordPress to all of my blogs – now referred to as “sites” instead of “blogs” by WordPress.

The most significant design change is referred to by WordPress as an “improvement” with the new design. Apparently, one of the designers decided the vertical scrollbar in the text editor is no longer needed. Therefore, it has been removed. At first, I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Then I noticed the vertical scrollbar missing. I thought it might be a malfunction, or maybe a new setting option. I checked Settings and did not find anything about the vertical scrollbar in the text editor. Then I checked the WordPress Support Forums. I found many…

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How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the Nuremberg Code with inhumane experiments on humans

United States woman jailed for photographing pro-peace protest

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This 11 July 2014 video from the USA is called Grandmother Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison After Protest at U.S. Drone Base.

From Alternet in the USA:

By Alyssa Figueroa

Woman Sentenced to Prison for Photographing a War Protest

‘We are losing a generation because of drones’ says activist Mary Anne Grady Flores.

July 26, 2014

Warplanes have long been based at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in Syracuse, NY. But in 2009, something new arrived: MQ-9 Reaperdrones that were flown remotely over Afghanistan, dropping missiles and bombs and unleashing terror.

Organizers in Upstate New York started protests soon after the drones arrived and founded Upstate Drone Action in 2010. In 2011, one longtime activist and member of the Catholic Worker movement, Mary Anne Grady Flores, 57, joined the struggle. As part of the “Hancock 38” in April that year, she…

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Seriously!!! They do not look like children to me…..they look like gang members… what did they do….empty out there prisons!!!!

Nwo Report

McALLEN, Texas – In an exclusive interview with WND and Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, a 13-year Border Patrol veteran revealed many in the recent surge of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, are coming prepared to game the U.S. immigration system, even repeating the mantra, “Obama will take care of us.”

“I don’t usually get into the political part of it,” explained Chris Cabrera, now a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, “but I find it odd that their whole thing is, ‘We are going to get amnesty when we get here. Where is my permiso? Where is my permission to go north so I can get my medical care and my schooling and all that? President Obama is going to take care of us and make sure we’re all OK.’

“Whether it’s the adults or the young kids, one thing we consistently hear is, ‘Obama…

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