Pharmaceutical Roulette

Our Compass

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons

By Stacey Larson

We are physiologically complex beings, a mystery in so many ways. But when we fall ill, we applaud the availability and ease of drugs and rarely study the warnings and potential interactions. Indeed, even with ineffective experiences or negative reactions, we drop dollar after dollar satisfying our seemingly-insatiable appetite for drugs, spending billions of dollars per year supporting our medical addiction. Our culture celebrates drugs; we see glossy advertisements promising the prevention of cancer and diseases and flirty commercials offering sexual youth and practically run to our doctors faster than they can enable our addiction with promises scribbled on pads. We take these drugs in faith, awaiting results that provide physical well-being. Some are grateful: the antibiotic medically necessary to cure potentially-lethal infections will have few critics. Some are satisfied: the drugs meant to create lala interludes may produce happy customers. And then there are…

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