MORE Animal Testing? Are You KIDDING ME?

Dogpaddling Through Life

Recently I told you about the dirty little secret that is testing cosmetic products on animals.

bunny_hero Yep, even on cute little guys like these (Photo:

This week I learned that the UK has increased its’ testing on animals by 52% from the year 2000.


Listen, you humans, there is ONLY ONE WAY to stop this. And that’s when you STOP buying products that are testing on animals.

Oh, I know, you want to have soft skin. Just remember next time you smooth that fancy lotion on your legs that it was first rubbed in the eyes of a rabbit.

Yeah, good luck getting THAT image out of your head. So, ready to change your ways?

To be a shopper of conscience, you have to be savvy. Just because a product’s label says “cruelty-free,” it doesn’t necessarily mean the product wasn’t tested on animals, at least in the US. There is…

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