Save Texas Racing Greyhounds from Cruelty While You Can | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?


Greyhound racing isn’t a sport. It’s exploitation. While many states have made progress, Texas is still holding on to greyhound cruelty. The public has until July 27, 2014 to help Texas’ racing greyhounds before its too late.

Historic Racing Isn’t an Evolution

The ASPCA has issued an alert asking Texas to reject a new proposal aiming to authorize historic racing, also known as instant racing.

Racino (a racetrack/casino hybrid) investors are doing everything they can to keep the dying industry alive. It’s going to take other types of gambling, like the historic racing proposal, to keep the industry afloat.

Historic racing involves introducing machines that resemble slots to race tracks. Instead of colorfully animated slot characters, these machines will replay recorded greyhound (or horse) races that users can bet on. The horses would be anonymous; there wouldn’t be any identifying clues about of the horses’ names, location information or dates.

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