Obama admin wants $3.7 billion for illegals, but US troops in Afghanistan now gets only 2 hot meals a day

Consortium of Defense Analysts

The Obama administration is spending $250 to $1,000 a day to house each of the illegal aliens from Central America “surging” across the Mexico borderinto the United States. That’s what Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Jeh Johnson told the U.S. Senate Budget Committee.

That’s why the Obama administration is requesting from Congress $3.7 BILLION in emergency funds for the border “surge” that began in 2012. The Daily Mail reports that only about 3% of the $3.7 billion would actually be used to strengthen border security, with the bulk of the requested funds going to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to care for the “unaccompanied children,” the majority of whom are males ages 15 to 17, according to the New York Times.

The Obama administration also awarded a $50 million contract to Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) to buy the Palm Aire…

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Experts say ropes had entangled humpback whale found dead on Pilbara beach (Australia)

The ocean update

A dead humpback whale found washed up on a beach in Dampier in WA's Pilbara region. Supplied : WA Department of Parks and Wildlife A dead humpback whale found washed up on a beach in Dampier in WA’s Pilbara region. Supplied : WA Department of Parks and Wildlife

July 18th, 2014. The Department of Parks and Wildlife says a humpback whale, found washed up on a Pilbara beach in Western Australia, had become tangled in ropes at sea.

The 10-metre whale carcass was found on a beach in Dampier last weekend.

It was assessed by wildlife officers before being towed out to sea to prevent sharks being attracted close to shore.

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Dog travels eight miles each night to feed her friends

Murdered, why?

Walking with the Alligators


Our beloved Gopher Tortoise Harriet, on her way back to her tunnel after eating.

Yesterday our local news, as usual, found a heinous, outrageous story about an animal that had been tortured and killed.

It had been murdered.

The animal at the center of this media firestorm, was an Endangered Gopher Tortoise.

As it was airing  yesterday,  I looked out the kitchen window at our beloved Harriet who was sitting under the tree, munching quietly on a tiny plant.

She looked so peaceful, so happy.

She does not know that she  is one of the lucky ones.

Many in this state are not, they do not have a safe place to live where they are not disturbed.

Gopher Tortoises here are continuously being uprooted at the whim and pleasure of greedy developers who want to build new Condos, new Shopping Centers, new anything, new everything.

Just build baby!

And get  ” those damn turtles out of their way,  they have things to build! “


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Feds Circumnavigate Protocol to Destroy Wild Horse Herds

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Unedited, less headline and byline, BLM Press Release

No Resource Management Plan or Environmental Assessment, just Total Removal and Destruction

BLM Header

BLM Schedules Wild Horse Removal on Checkerboard Lands

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office will remove all wild horses from checkerboard lands within the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek herd management areas (HMAs) beginning approximately Aug. 20.

This removal comes at the request of private land owners and to comply with the 2013 Consent Decree for Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA) vs. Salazar, No. 11-CV00263-NDF, and Section 4 of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

The three HMAs total approximately 2,427,220 acres, with 1,242,176 acres falling within the checkerboard. The majority of private land in the HMAs is in the checkerboard of alternating sections of public and private land and owned or controlled by the RSGA. Wild horses will…

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Whale to give birth off Sydney’s coast (Australia)

The ocean update

whale-tail-AustraliaThursday, July 17th, 2014. A whale is believed to be about to give birth off Sydney’s northern beaches.

The Southern Right was seen just behind the surf line at Warriewood Beach on Thursday morning where around 400 people have gathered.

Whale-watchers say the whale is displaying tell-tale signs of an impending birth.

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Utah ornithologist sounds an alarm about the crow hunt

The planet and its wildlife need us to reduce our meat consumption.

Piedmont Earth First!

Reposted from Center for Biological Diversity:

Meat production is one of the main drivers of environmental degradation globally, and the crisis is rapidly growing worse. Production of beef, poultry, pork and other meats tripled between 1980 and 2010 and will likely double again by 2020. This ever-increasing meat consumption in a world of more than 7 billion people is already taking a staggering toll on wildlife, habitat, water resources, air quality and the climate. And Americans eat more meat per capita than almost anyone else. By eating less or no meat, we can take extinction off our plates and improve our own health along with the health of the planet.

Read Grist’s magazine’s new article on how American’s meat centric diet is responsible for twice as much carbon emissions than vegetarian and vegan diets.

Learn more about our campaign, meat consumption and the environment.

Join the movement for an Earth-friendly…

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Know : Genetically Modified Foods : 20 Questions : WHO’s Answers


Must Know: Find the answers to these 20 questions on Genetically Modified Foods by the World Health Organization, (below the video)

1. What are genetically modified (GM) organisms and GM foods?
2. Why are GM foods produced?
3. Are GM foods assessed differently from traditional foods?
4. How are the potential risks to human health determined?
5. What are the main issues of concern for human health?
6. How is a risk assessment for the environment performed?
7. What are the issues of concern for the environment?
8. Are GM foods safe?
9. How are GM foods regulated nationally?
10. What kind of GM foods are on the market internationally?
11. What happens when GM foods are traded internationally?
12. Have GM products on the international market passed a risk assessment?
13. Why has there been concern about GM foods among some politicians, public interest groups and consumers, especially in…

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More Than 24 Racehorses Are Dying Each Week

An update on the December 2013 casualties.

The following were reported as “vanned off”:

Quiet Miracle, Aqueduct, Dec 1, still active
Triplemental, Fair Grounds, Dec 1, still active
Captain Luke, Hawthorne, Dec 1, still active
End of Discussion, Zia, Dec 1, still active
Believeinyoursong, Beulah, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Iron Choo Choo, Turf, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Whata Wild Woody, Zia, Dec 2, still active
Foundaflyer, Zia, Dec 2, hasn’t been heard from since
Lil Dale, Charles Town, Dec 3, hasn’t been heard from since
Moonovermanhattan, Charles Town, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Tame the Lion, Delta, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Light Kiss, Hawthorne, Dec 4, hasn’t been heard from since
Lander Road, Charles Town, Dec 5, hasn’t been heard from since
Black Magic Man, Hollywood, Dec 6, still active
Derailer, Delta, Dec 6, hasn’t been heard from since

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Ranchers vs Wild Horses: Pure BS

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“Avid readers and researchers brought this article to our attention WITH commentary. Often times we issue a “tissue” alert before reading a touching article; not so in this case, instead we will formerly issue a “GAG” alert as anything that is in your alimentary canal may want to take a fast exit after reading the facts about why ranchers really want wild horses removed.” ~ R.T.


Herald And News: Dry Conditions Force Wild Horses Onto Private Land

The Klamath Falls Herald and News | July 12, 2014 8 p.m. | Updated: July 14, 2014 3:37 p.m. | Dorris, California

Contributed By:

LACEY JARRELL H&N Staff Reporter


Roger Porterfield was a courteous, but reluctant host when 90 uninvited guests began showing up at his ranch, grazing his land and depleting his water holes. Even as the guests brazenly took hay from his cattle feeders day after day, Porterfield accommodated them…

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