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It’s everywhere. We need and want it. We find it in places where we wouldn’t expect it. A world without plastic is inconceivable. But do we know the consequences of our self-indulgent plastic consumption? This film shows various problems associated with plastic and looks at possible solutions.

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MEDICAL CORNER …. GMO Fact of the Day!!

It Is What It Is


~~July 16, 2014~~ 


All of the 5 major GMO crops – corn, soy, canola, cotton & sugar beet – have been genetically engineered to be herbicide-tolerant. These GMOs are also known as Roundup Ready crops – able to survive being drenched with glyphosate-based Roundup. Farmers spray more, easily killing all the weeds, but putting their health and ours at risk. Humans are not Roundup Ready.

The agrichemical industry claims that their glyphosate-based chemicals are harmless to humans. They said the same thing about their Agent Orange herbicide used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. Now there are millions of Vietnamese civilians and Vietnam War Vets and their children, and their children’s children, that are being born with diseases caused by that supposedly “safe” herbicide.


Four generations affected from the exposure of one parent.

As a matter of fact, corporations like Monsanto and…

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Channel 4′s ‘Going to the Dogs’

Channel 4′s ‘Going to the Dogs’.

Lend a Helping Paw

The Science Dog

Dogs are highly social beings who express their social nature in a variety of ways. They desire companionship with others and readily integrate into our human families and lives. Most of our dogs love to play and to learn new things and enjoy spending time together going for walks, a ride in the car or simply hanging out for a cuddle on the couch. Given the choice, most dogs prefer to share their days with their human family rather than alone and many also have strong social relationships (friendships) with other dogs or even with members of other species.

dogandparrot Canine Friendships Come in Many Forms

Although not yet studied thoroughly, dogs may also exhibit certain types of “prosocial” behavior. These are spontaneous actions that are intended to help another individual in some way, usually with no obvious benefit to the helper. Psychologists have defined four general categories of prosocial behavior. These are comforting, sharing, informing and helping. At least anecdotally, comforting is something that dogs seem to excel at.  Many dog owners relate that their…

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Vermont’s dirty secret: Free-ranging cows are crapping in the water supply


Vermont’s dirty secret: Free-ranging cows are crapping in the water supply.

Lay off the almond milk, you ignorant hipsters


Lay off the almond milk, you ignorant hipsters.