Stop the Massacre of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia, Canada. Stop the Grizzly Bear Hunt

Exposing the Big Game

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

People come to BC to hunt the grizzly bears on the estuaries where they are feeding, this is not sport. They shoot the eating bears from boats, take a paw or two and the head and leave the rest to rot on the estuary. Grizzly bears are already threatened in BC. The First nations People are against this hunt, the majority of the people in the province are against this hunt but the BC Liberal Government headed by Christie Clarke refuses to deal with the issue. The Guide and Outfitters Association of BC, the B.C. Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are in fact powerful pro-hunting political lobby groups. The government of BC & Ms Clark is afraid to stand up to them because the Liberal Party will lose much needed cash in the form of political donations from these organizations. The solution…

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Houston Says Goodbye to the Voice for the Voiceless

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by R.T. Fitch

Tribute to Brad Woodard

In yesterday’s “Feel Good Sunday” installation I alluded to the passing of one of the Houston area’s greatest and most articulate television reporters, Brad Woodard.

Brad first grabbed our attention with his stories about horse slaughter and cruelty to animals and over the years, our good friend Julie Caramante followed, worked with and grew to love Brad for his dedication and sincerity.

In memory of Brad, Julie has built a tribute page on Facebookwhich highlights many of his lifetime accomplishments.

Here we share with you Houston’s Channel 11’s tribute for the man who will be missed by many; many of which have four legs and just not two.

Click (HERE) to visit Brad’s tribute page

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USA: Take Action for New York City Carriage Horses.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)





Periodic updates about issues and actions concerning New York City’s Carriage Horses +

Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

Horses Without Carriages International

PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES – CLICK HERE to get your own newsletter. In this issue: ** ETSY FOR ANIMALS – we are charity of the month ** Open Letter to the Mayor ** Contact the City Council ** Carriage Driver trial ** drivers – bogus accusations ** we continue to advertise ** bogus polls – don’t believe them

Because of the holiday last weekend, many of you did not get to see the last newsletter. Click hereto see it.



Enough is enough. When will the ban happen?

I recently wrote this Open Letter to Mayor deBlasio imploring him to keep his promise and ban the horse-drawn carriage trade. These are some…

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Philippines: Anti-Dog-Meat Laws Toughened


Great Cats of the "World"

Via – One World Wildlife

Please SIGN & SHARE the below petition to express your contempt and anger at these murdering c*ckless freaks!

How dare they! These men used hounds to track this unfortunate mountain lion to its den and gunned it down from their hiding place. After dragging the mountain lion from its den, they took pictures, tore out its innards and stole off with its lifeless head and skin.

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