Victory! Kampala Says ‘No’ to Inhumane Dog Culling | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

3099475.largeIn Kampala, Uganda, people are finally saying “no” to abusive dog culls.

The problem started nearly a month ago when a suburb of the city called Bukoto experienced a chilling visit from the KCCA (Kampala City Council Authority). In an attempt to control the stray dog population in the market, the KCCA entered with buckets of poisoned meat, and proceeded to kill every dog they could find.

These actions were filmed by a local news network, which documented the brutality as helpless street dogs buckled and seized under the effects of the poison. Most were killed in broad daylight, in front of children and market patrons. A copy of the video can be found here, although please keep in mind the content is graphic and heartbreaking.

Soon after the Bukoto cull, it was announced the KCCA would be taking their poison meat to another suburb of Kampala, called Nakawa…

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