Great Cats of the "World"

War is truly upon us, and the most daunting fact about this is that very few people actually know this. A war between people, animals, money and greed! A war where for once there are almost no politicians involved no governments and warlords with a different twist. If one looks at the meaning of the term; ‘blood diamond’ you will find meanings such as diamonds mined in war zones, diamonds used to fuel invading army’s. The term ‘blood’ or ‘conflict’ is used as many people have lost their lives, limbs and families because of the demand for diamonds. In 2003 the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was created and the main idea behind this is to ensure no diamond purchases was financing any violence by neither local rebel armies nor their allies that might try and undermine the legitimate governments…

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Tony ~ 14 Years At Tiger Truck Stop

Free Tony The Tiger

july 4 tonyJuly 4th is a day when we celebrate our nation’s independence ~ in essence our freedom ~ in contrast it’s a fitting day (albeit disheartening) to also mark Tony’s 14 years at the truck stop – exploited as a roadside attraction.

sign comparisonAccording to the sign posted on Tony’s cage, he was born in July 2000 – this month marking his 14th year. It is reported that Tony was acquired by Michael Sandlin as a 6 month old cub from a Texas breeder.

Tony’s saga has been a roller-coaster series of events including:

ALDF’s court victories:

  • Judge Caldwell granting a permanent injunction blocking LDWF from issuing a new permit to him, and ordering the current permit revoked

  • The Louisiana Court of Appeal upholding the lower court’s rulings

  • The Louisiana Supreme Court denying a petition to review the Louisiana Court of Appeal’s ruling

And the shameful SB 250:

After exhausting all…

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Help save this critically endangered bird!

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“Less than 500 are left, but if the government steps up to increase habitat protections we could save them. (23,536 signatures on petition)”

Source: www.thepetitionsite.com

This Francolin (Francolinus ochropectus) occupies two small areas in Djibouti in the horn of Africa.  It prefers dense African juniper habitat near the coast of the Gulf of Tadjora in the southern Sea of Aden.  Formerly abundant, the Francolin numbers were first reduced by hunting, and then more recently by destruction of the juniper woodland by livestock grazing and fuel-wood gathering.  Climate change appears to be involved too.

The Francolin is surviving in the dying juniper woodland and in less suitable neighboring vegetation. Please sign the petition to the Djiboutian Prime Minister to extend protections back over the Forêt du Day and establish captive breeding programs for the Francolin before this rare species disappears forever.

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Please Sign Petition to Stop Wildlife “Services” From Killing Canada Geese

Exposing the Big Game

Photo copyright Jim Robertson Photo copyright Jim Robertson

USDA Wildlife Services has been lethally removing Canada Geese from the Puget Sound area for 13 years under an interlocal agreement between several cities and entities within the region.  The geese are being rounded up in our parks and gassed to death or shot on Lake Washington, as well as elsewhere.  In 2013, nearly 1200 were killed by Wildlife Services in just King County alone.
Many humane solutions can be utilized to mitigate conflicts with geese in urban areas.  These include reduction of populations through egg addling, use of OvoControl-G (a proven oral birth control method for geese), and sterilization.  Various other measures to reduce conflicts include: landscape modifications, goose deterrent products and control techniques, automated devices to clean up goose droppings, and education and public outreach on the need to stop feeding waterfowl in our parks.

The members of the 2014 interlocal agreement to kill…

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Kidnapped! – Julia’s Story

Honk If You're Vegan


Julia Styles was kidnapped as a toddler. Although her basic needs were met, her life was lonely and sad. She was kept locked in a tiny room and wasn’t allowed to do the normal things kids do like make friends, play outside or go to school.

Once Julia reached puberty, her life got worse. She was raped and got pregnant. When she had her baby, she felt immeasurable love for him. For two days she cared for her baby, but then her captors took him away from her. Despite her plea’s, Julia never saw her son again.

Not long after this, Julia was raped again. She had a second child who was also taken from her. Then within months, she was raped yet again. This happened many more times causing immense physical and emotional strain on Julia.

By the time she was 28, Julia looked like an old woman. The physical trauma of her poor…

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Freedom for endangered species