BLM: Humboldt Herd Area Wild Horse Trapping Suspended

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Information supplied by the Nevada office of the BLM

the area is managed for zero wild horses”

Wild Horse Trapping Update

The Humboldt wild horse water bait trap operations have been temporarily suspended since trapped numbers have been relatively low over the last three days. Trapping operations will continue on July 7, 2014 with the anticipation that the horses will be more accustomed to the trap facilities. As of June 27, BLM has gathered a total of 37 horses out of 100.

Goal of Trapping:

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Winnemucca District, Humboldt River Field Office will use water trapping to achieve and maintain a population of zero wild horses within the Humboldt Herd Area (HA). The Humboldt HA is not managed for wild horses due to the checkerboard land pattern and therefore no AML has been set and the…

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5 comments on “BLM: Humboldt Herd Area Wild Horse Trapping Suspended

  1. It is very sad the way wild horses are treated and not allowed to live in the wild.

    Nancy, I hope you will post more about some of the positive things that people and groups are doing to help animals. I’d like to reblog some of your postings, but I only post blogs that are uplifting and about positive change.

    Thanks for caring about animals.


  2. Nancy its so sad that so many animals are treated so badly by we humans, Nature will always find its own ways of rebalancing, and yet Man often steps in to cull and think he knows best.. One day Nature is going to fight back and she is mighty more powerful than any weapon man has created..
    Thank you for your enlightening posts.. that keep your reader informed of what is happening around the world.
    Blessings Sue xox

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