Tell Vancouver to Keep Whales and Dolphins Out of Its Aquariums!

Dropping The Ball On A Killer


There has been much discussed lately about Michael Vick and his recent endorsement deal re-signing by Nike, who dropped him after he was charged with association of dogfighting crimes, and Subway, who sponsored an award for “Sportsman of the Year” for BET, which Vick won. Sharing my home with a dog, Preston, who was a victim of a dogfighting environment, I feel compelled to speak about this. What I have found most disturbing is the amount of people who claim he has paid his debt to society and deserves…”a second chance.” The thing that these people are forgetting is, he did get a second chance when he was given his freedom back…and early I must add. Michael Vick was given a 23 month prison sentence for violating the Federal crime of conspiring to travel in interstate commerce in an unlawful act, which to me is the equivalent of tax evasion, but only served 19 months…

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The Arsonist of Animal Liberation Revolution

This Dog Suffered From A Heart Failure In A Park. This Is How CPR Saved His Life! Amazing!

This Dog Suffered From A Heart Failure In A Park. This Is How CPR Saved His Life! Amazing!

CPR has saved countless human lives. But did you know CPR can also save animal lives? Watch as this dog comes back from the brink of death, thanks to the timely CPR given by this man. He is a HERO!

This is why everyone should be trained in CPR.

Please SHARE! It could save a life.

Source: Rugby World Cup 2011


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Dog and Cat Meat and Fur Trade

END Trophy Hunting NOW

Cat trade

The Asian dog and cat meat trade is a several billion dollar industry that exists across countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In China 10 to 15 million dogs are eaten annually – some figures say 50,000 per day, while in South Korea, over 2.5 million are consumed each year.

While some of these countries have histories of dog eating, others only did so during times of famine, such as South Korea, which once considered eating dog shameful.

Thanks to a strong network of greedy restaurateurs, meat dealers and butchers who have convinced the public that eating dog and cat meat is healthful and ‘fashionable’, the trade is now a thriving, highly profitable industry.

Countries that rely heavily on Western tourism, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, often try to deny that the trade exists within their borders.

South Korea is more open and unapologetic about…

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