Workers Upset Over Having to Kill Sick Pigs; Healthy Pigs No Big Deal |

Life or Lunch?

A deadly new virus has killed millions of baby pigs since it was first reported in the U.S. last May. Porcine epidemic diarrhea can affect pigs of any age, but it’s life-threatening for newborns, who become dehydrated quickly.


Surprisingly, pig farmers are finding it hard to kill the dying babies. “It’s very difficult for the people who are working the barns at that point,” said affected Iowa pig farmer Craig Rowles. “No one wants to go to work today and think about making the decision of baby pigs that need to be humanely euthanized because they can’t get up anymore. Those are very hard days.”

As opposed to the days when unwanted “runts” are killed by “thumping” (slamming their heads against the floor) or when healthy 6-month-old pigs are hung upside down before their throats are slashed and they’re left to bleed out? Pigs are often still alive when they’re…

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5 comments on “Workers Upset Over Having to Kill Sick Pigs; Healthy Pigs No Big Deal |

    • Hi Emy. I dropped my computer,it was on the charger, I went to pick it up the cord caught and damage the post so it went in to be repaired, when he went to put it back together the screen cracked:-( had to wait for new screen, and they sent the wrong one,so that had to be sent back 😦 😦 finally after two months,I am back in business 😉 I have so many emails to go through, it was so heavy it was jamming up and about the same time are Border Collie mix was diagnosed with lymphoma. Teddy was 19 years old so it was a matter of just keeping him comfortable and spoiling him, he had a stroke over the weekend so on the 16th of June we had him put to sleep.
      Thanks for caring Emy. Hope all is well….. Hugs, Nancy

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  1. hi nancy thank-you for stop by . i have just started ,well just learning how to do this blogging thing . i am very passionate about trying to keep america’s wild horses free so i will have petitions and up-dates about what is going on . also about our government and the over-reaching tactic’s they are using . have good night


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