Raccoons TORTURED in Kentucky?

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Source PETA

Imagine being snatched from your family, confined to a cage, and perched on a tiny raft, only to have frantic dogs then set loose upon you.

Sadly, this is happening in Leslie County, Kentucky, this Saturday, April 12, during the county’s annual “Coon on a Log” races. The event is apparently being sponsored by the sheriff’s department this year, and the vulnerable raccoons used during the races will be forced to endure the hellish races repeatedly. According to one spectator from last year’s event, dogs were allowed to “bite at” the raccoons, who were sometimes “knocked into the water” and “pulled back up to go another round.” One raccoon was even “bleeding and near death.”

Take action for raccoons!

Urge Leslie County officials to show ♥ for raccoons and help end this barbaric practice for good. Also ask them to…

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