Workers Upset Over Having to Kill Sick Pigs; Healthy Pigs No Big Deal |

Life or Lunch?

A deadly new virus has killed millions of baby pigs since it was first reported in the U.S. last May. Porcine epidemic diarrhea can affect pigs of any age, but it’s life-threatening for newborns, who become dehydrated quickly.


Surprisingly, pig farmers are finding it hard to kill the dying babies. “It’s very difficult for the people who are working the barns at that point,” said affected Iowa pig farmer Craig Rowles. “No one wants to go to work today and think about making the decision of baby pigs that need to be humanely euthanized because they can’t get up anymore. Those are very hard days.”

As opposed to the days when unwanted “runts” are killed by “thumping” (slamming their heads against the floor) or when healthy 6-month-old pigs are hung upside down before their throats are slashed and they’re left to bleed out? Pigs are often still alive when they’re…

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Wolves back in Denmark

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This video from 2013 is called Danish wolf is back.

From Wildlife Extra:

First wolf family heard in Denmark for 200 years

April 2014: It is suspected by a group of wolf enthusiasts in Denmark that the country probably has its first resident wolf family for over 200 years, reports Rewilding Europe. Ulvetracking Danmark has gone to great lengths to register the sounds of the Danish wolves, recorded in Jutland in January. Holly Root-Gutteridge, an English wolf expert and PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, believes that these howls stem from an entire wolf family. This means that these could be the first wolf pups born in the wild of Denmark for well since the early 19th century.

“This is the biggest fauna sensation we have had for many years,” said Mogens Trolle, zoologist in the Nature Science Museum at the University of Copenhagen.

“There’s at least…

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Wildlife recovery in Namibia

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This video says about itself:

Pride of Namibia

1 March 2014

Namibia is home to the greatest wildlife recovery story ever told. Since its birth just over 2 decades ago, the country of Namibia has shown the world how to ensure Africa’s natural legacy while expanding livelihoods.

“Pride of Namibia” tells the story of communities committed to protecting wildlife, of a nation that has enshrined conservation into its constitution, and of the future of responsible travel – tourism that directly benefits the people who give wildlife freedom to roam.

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Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – October 4th, 2014 – Find your city!



ImageThis year I have pledged to help raise awareness and funds for elephants and rhinos. Both of these iconic species have wandered the earth for billions of years. Under our watch they are being hunted to extinction for their tusks and horns. In less than 10 years they will be gone unless people raise awareness and help fight for their survival.

On October 4th cities all over the world are marching for rhinos and elephants, Please find your city and join the march. Please share this post with others. If there isn’t a city near you, organize a march. I’ve never done it before but I’m going to this year. I’m nervous, I feel a bit insecure. I could say I’m scared to death. But I’m going to do it. What I’ve discovered is that there is a world of people out there who are doing the same. Please join…

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67-year-old Celso Ferreira, tied and abused the donkey just for fun

The Monsters Among Us


Please Sign to bring justice to this Donkey that was dragged  by a man from his car on purpose and just for the “fun” of it:

Petition text

In a vicious act of animal cruelty a man managed to tie a donkey to his car and dragged him by for more than 3 kilometers. The incident occurred in the village Tres Barras, in the municipality of Graccho Cardos, Sergipe region, Brazil.

The perpetrator was identified as 67-year-old Celso Ferreira, who claims he tied and abused the donkey just for fun. The donkey could not survive all the heavy injuries it sustained and eventually died. Although local police immediately arrested the man, it appears he is very well connected, as the mayor inexplicably ordered his release.

As deputy captain Samuel Barreto recalls: “We were happy to apprehend the individual in record time. In just short notice however, I received a…

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Sperm Whales Still Haven’t Recovered More Than 35 Years After Australia Stopped Harpooning Them

The ocean update

sperm-whaleApril 11th, 2014. New research shows that sperm whales, the last whales to be harpooned by Australia, have still not recovered more than 35 years after the last whale was killed in the Southern Ocean.

There’s been good news about the recovery of the coast-hugging humpback and southern right whales in Australian waters almost to the extent where they’re no longer endangered.

“But we can’t let these good news stories blind us to the fact that the other great whales are in real trouble,” says lead researcher Robert Harcourt of Macquarie University.

Harcourt and his team investigated the status of mature sperm bulls off Albany, Western Australia. The last sperm whale was harpooned off Albany on November 21, 1978.

This whale species suffered major losses during Australia’s peak whaling periods, seeing a population reduction of 74% between 1955 and 1978.

“To measure the contemporary status of sperm whales off…

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Raccoons TORTURED in Kentucky?

Our Compass



Please click HERE to sign/send message

Source PETA

Imagine being snatched from your family, confined to a cage, and perched on a tiny raft, only to have frantic dogs then set loose upon you.

Sadly, this is happening in Leslie County, Kentucky, this Saturday, April 12, during the county’s annual “Coon on a Log” races. The event is apparently being sponsored by the sheriff’s department this year, and the vulnerable raccoons used during the races will be forced to endure the hellish races repeatedly. According to one spectator from last year’s event, dogs were allowed to “bite at” the raccoons, who were sometimes “knocked into the water” and “pulled back up to go another round.” One raccoon was even “bleeding and near death.”

Take action for raccoons!

Urge Leslie County officials to show ♥ for raccoons and help end this barbaric practice for good. Also ask them to…

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Chinese zombie attack? Drunk Chinese man tries to eat woman’s face during ‘cannibal’ assault

They do eat dogs and cats including the brain and many of the animals have rabies, maybe he has a bad case of the rabies!!!

Nwo Report

Bus driver responsible for the zombie-like attack took a long liquid lunch before jumping on the hood of a passing woman’s car, biting her when she got out, reports say.


A drunken bus driver was detained in China after he attacked a woman in her car and bit her face, local media reported.


A drunken bus driver was detained in China after he attacked a woman in her car and bit her face, local media reported.

The summer’s “cannibal craze” has reportedly spread to China.

A drunken bus driver in eastern China tried to chew off a woman’s face during an attack on Tuesday afternoon, according to Chinese media.

A man identified as “Dong” ran into a road near a bus station at around 2 p.m. and jumped in front of a woman’s car, the Shanghai Daily’s website reported police saying.

The man then hopped on the hood and starting pounding on the woman’s windshield, the report said.

When the woman…

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