Sumatrans Suffer a Terrible Loss

Fight for Rhinos

There are no more than 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild . To say they are critically endangered is an understatement.

The Cincinnati Zoo has been the world leader in successful captive breeding of the species. In fact, Emi, the Sumatran was phenomenally successful, having given birth to three rhinos in her lifetime! Quite the accomplishment for her species. (see previous post: Emi-the world-famous sumatran)

Suci with Emi Emi and daughter Suci

In 2003, she gave birth to her daughter, Suci. After her brother, Andalas, was moved to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) in south Sumatra to breed, Suci and her brother Harapan were the only two of their species in all of North America.

In a desperate attempt to save the species from extinction, Cincinnati planned to breedSuci

Suci with bday treat Suci -last year with her birthday treat.

and Harapan. Unfortunately, at the age of 9 years of age, Suci has just passed away.

The cause of the rhino’s…

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