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Cyber-bullies could face two years in jail under new internet troll rules

Stop Making Sense

Samuel Gibbs reports for the Guardian:

People convicted of cyber-bullying and text message abuse could face up to two years in prison, under plans backed by the government. The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has backed an amendment to the criminal justice bill that would target new rules at combating trolls that sexually harass and verbally abuse people on the internet or via mobile phones in England and Wales.

The amendment, due to be discussed in parliament on Thursday, was proposed by the Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton Angie Bray, after one of her constituents said her 14-year-old daughter had been “verbally raped” by 2,000 obscene texts sent by an older man, who escaped conviction. “Just tabled amendment to criminal justice bill to make life just a bit harder for cyber-bullies and sex pests using texts to harass victims,” said Bray on Twitter.


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Leaked documents reveal SeaWorld is drugging its orcas

Living with Wolves Speaks Up

Wolves and Writing

Living with Wolves photo Living with Wolves photo

I find writing about the Idaho wolf situation a challenge. There is rarely anything but bad news coming from that state and I don’t want to innundate you with that. And I feel, as many do, an immense frustration about how Idaho fails to appreciate the great wealth of natural resources it holds, especially wolves. It reminds me of my days in Alaska, so much wilderness and wildlife, yet also so much ignorance.

I’m grateful we have strong forces in Idaho speaking up for wolves. Garrick Dutcher, program director for Living with Wolves, is one such individual. He and his Idaho based organization are a primary source for educating the world about wolves. They are active politically, supporting science based decisions in the management of wolves. Their website is one of the best places to visit to stay informed on what’s going on in wolfdom…

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Free Roaming Wyoming horses rounded up by BLM and sold to Canadian Slaughterhouse

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No public comment period – no transparency – no opportunity for horse rescue organizations to save horses from a terrible fate.

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (March 31, 2014) – On March 24, The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that BLM had rounded up and removed 41 free-roaming horses from public lands in northern Wyoming. Further investigation revealed that BLM conducted a helicopter roundup of the horses and turned them over to the Wyoming Livestock Board who sold the horses directly to the Canadian Bouvry Slaughterouse.

The taxpayer-funded roundup was conducted with no notice of sale after the horses were impounded, giving no one the opportunity to step in and negotiate a deal to purchase any of the horses. Even Bighorn County Sheriff, Kenneth Blackburn, was surprised that he received no notification of the roundup, which was conducted in his jurisdiction. The horses were driven to…

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