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Fly Fly German tourist, Daniel Dudzisz, is walking across Australia. On February 17 he went missing initiating a search by authorities. Dudzisz is diabetic and took very little food. He had left the road and was walking cross-country when he was cut off by flooding of the Barcoo River. Ten days later he walked to the road and was collected by a passing motorist.

The Authorities were surprised that Dudzisz was in good heath and not starving. His secret? After he ate the baked beans and cereal he was carrying, he ate flies. The flies were thick and he did not need to pursue them. He captured them as they landed. The lesson:

You can never go hungry in the Australian outback because of the amount of flies you can eat for their protein.

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Fur, fur and more fur

5 minutes more please


Saw this on Pintrest and loved it!! Can totally relate, with two cats and a dog I am forever vacuuming.

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Did China Kill Your Dog? FDA Is Baffled

Why Your Hypoallergenic Diet Isn’t Working

Dog Food Matters

Your dog is itchy. Your veterinarian recommends a diet that is considered hypoallergenic. After six weeks your dog is as itchy as ever. Why isn’t the food working? The main reason is that most dogs are allergic to things other than foods. Flower, grass, and tree pollens are the biggest culprits. Fungal spores and insect (fleas, house dust mites) are other common allergens. The second reason the food may not work is because it is not truly hypoallergenic. A recent study of these diets revealed that the majority contained meats not disclosed on the label.


What causes an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction is an exaggerated response of the immune cells to certain proteins. Certain cells of the immune system attack these foreign proteins. In doing so, the immune cells release large amount of histamines. It is the histamine in the blood stream that causes the symptoms in allergic…

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Killer Whales Chasing A Speed Boat (2:36)



“You have just seen what happens to racehorses on the previous post by PETA. I’m still in tears over it. So PLEASE…IF YOU TRULY LOVE ANIMALS; SUPPORT THEM, NOT THE INDUSTRY! P.S. The video is not in the original post, it’s just to remind people how horses suffer in horse racing!”

Posted 26 March 2014

Saturday (March 29) marks the start of Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Awareness Week, an annual campaign during which the public is asked to consider the sombre truth about an exploitative horseracing industry.

Just to remind you – The Dark Side Of Horse Racing

Uploaded on 25 Mar 2008

Most people regard horse racing as a harmless sport in which the animals are willing participants who thoroughly enjoy the thrill. The truth is that behind the scenes lies a story of immense suffering.

On racecourses around the country, a total of around 200 horses die…

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