On Tokyo subway, Aikido elder shocks both Aikido student and violent drunk

The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Last Of The Millenniums


credit-gif-bin-laboratory-cannon-prank credit-gif-bin-laboratory-cannon-prank

Sheldon gets revenge

Hyper Dog Plays ‘The Floor is Lava’ on Living Room Furniture

-credit-tastefully-offensive -credit-tastefully-offensive

Magic for dogs

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

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Cats Playing Fruit Ninja

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Petition: RSPCA – Circuses are no fun for animals, Hold the Government to its promise!


“I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick & fed up of contacting my MP about a ban on Wild animals in circuses across England & Wales. How come other Countries have managed to introduce a ban with no problems? Just WTF are the Government dithering about for? I just pray for all the animals forced to perform, that the Government will not go back on their word & will introduce the much-needed ban ASAP!”

In 2012, the Westminster Government announced it would finally grant wild animals in circuses their long overdue ban.

No Animal Should Be Used & Abused ForEntertainment No Animal Should Be Used & Abused For Entertainment

Two years later and there is a real danger that Parliamentary time will simply run out to deliver the ban and wild animals could languish in circuses for many years to come…

We’ve come this far, we can’t let the animals down now! If you…

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MCM: Ending the Wolf Haven International Month #Loboweek

Mavadelo's mindscape

Cause of the month Cause of the Month logo

So it is always the end of March 2014 and with that we are approaching the end of the Wolf Haven International cause

Coincidentally this week is Loboweek so I thought it a good idea to have some attention for this.. I learned about this when I visited the WHI Facebook page which took me to The Wolf Conservation Centre at http://nywolf.org/ which provided the following information.

#LoboWeek – Join the Movement!

On March 29, 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) were released to the wild for the first time in the Blue Range Recovery Area of Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than 30 years, the howl of the rarest and most unique subspecies of gray wolf, was once again greeted by the mountains of the southwest. This March, marks the 16th anniversary of this…

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PETA: Indian elephant still being abused

Brutal Massacre at Four Paws Dog Shelter, Romania

Our Compass

SourceThe Huffington Post
By Rita Pal

On Friday, 21st March 2014, several dog catchers from the Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals [ASPA] brutally raided the international animal welfare organisation’s [Four Paws] shelter. Shocking images of the barbaric methods used by dog catchers have been splashed across social media over the weekend causing public uproar, and also leading to the creation of a petition(please note the petition was already closed to me and indicated it was successful) to return the dogs to their shelter. The violent action was directed against the paddocks and the shelter in which the clinic is situated. Around 90 dogs were forcibly removed. According to several eye witnesses, at least four dogs died on the spot because of the aggressive handling.

The dogs under the care of Four Paws were neutered, micro-chipped and registered. Most of them were…

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A special blessings to you my friends

Shechaim's News of the Day

This morning I wish a special heartfelt thank you to all of my friends that offered your support and suggestions on my last post,


I dumped it this morning because I believe that he got the message and from now on I will be trying your helpful comments.


I did not realize that after deleting the post I would no longer be able to write to you personally,


Please except a humble apology and thank you from an elder still trying to learn this computer thing?

Creator Kiehtan as you well, please bless my true friends this morning, the weekend and from now on.



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The Seven Grandfather Teachings – By Bear-Medicinewalker – 3-28-14

Higher Density Blog


Today I am going to speak about The Seven Grandfather Teachings
I learned of these teaching through the Anishinaabe’ people here where I live… it is a teaching that reaches within to my very core… and I would like to now share it with you…

Many Anishinaabe’ view the Seven Grandfather Teachings as traditional knowledge that represents what is needed for everyday life and survival, or simply put to walk the Red Road… a Good way of life. The origin of the teachings is unknown but my elders have shared that they are important and have long been a part of the language and handed down through generations of the People. These teachings have become known as the “Seven Grandfathers” once the Anishinaabe slowly began to control their own education during and after the American Indian Movement. As Our Elders began to retell stories they had heard as children…

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Death In The Fast Lane: Reaction to PeTA Exposé


peta - horses aren't machines

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

It used to be that phenylbutazone was what got a horse disqualified from a race. Dancer’s Image became the only winner in the Kentucky Derby’s 134-year history to be disqualified for using a banned substance, when bute was found in his urine sample after the race in 1968. Two years after Secretariat’s recordbreaking US Triple Crown took the sport to a new level of popularity, the breakdown and death of Ruffian brought on a new era of safety concerns.

Analysis of horse carcasses submitted to the CHRB Postmortem Program revealed that 40.9% of all fatal injuries occurred during racing and training in 3-4 year old racehorses. Injuries, unlike accidents, do not happen by chance. The science of injury prevention has demonstrated that injuries and the events leading up to injuries are not random. Like disease, they tend to follow a general pattern. Studying these patterns…

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Newsweek Engulfed In Social Media Backlash on Eve of Historic WAZA Dolphin Protest

Newsweek Engulfed In Social Media Backlash on Eve of Historic WAZA Dolphin Protest.

Scientists Track a Great White Shark Across the Atlantic for the First Time

Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Police dog making strong recovery after being shot in face

Test Area Increases, With Possible Harm to Whales (USA)

The ocean update

Humpback whale. Picture THINKSTOCK Humpback whale. Picture THINKSTOCK

Monday, March 24th, 2014 (RAMONA YOUNG-GRINDLE). WASHINGTON (CN) – The National Marine Fisheries Service plans to issue another five year marine mammal harm authorization for U.S. Navy sonar and ordnance testing in the Marianas, according to an agency proposal. The Navy’s request to continue military readiness activities includes an expansion of the testing area and an increase in the expected number of exercises and ordnance over previous authorizations.

The Mariana Islands Training and Testing study area includes the existing Mariana Islands Range Complex and surrounding seas and a transit corridor between the Mariana Islands and the Navy’s Hawaii Range Complex.

The Navy requested authorization for the incidental harm to 26 species of marine mammals from exposure to sonar, underwater detonations and ship strikes.

Incidental harm to the marine mammals, many of which are protected under the Endangered Species Act and/or the Marine Mammal Protection Act, is…

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