Ukraine’s secret unit of spy dolphins and seals have defected to Russia and are now swimming under Kremlin orders, officials revealed today.

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Ukraine’s secret unit of spy DOLPHINS that can plant bombs and attack divers with guns have defected to Russia

  • The Ukraine Army has been using dolphins and seals since the 70s
  • After the fall of the USSR, the ‘dolphin spies’ remained in the Ukraine
  • The dolphins have been trained to hunt for mines and plant bombs
  • They can also attack divers with knives or pistols attached to their heads
  • Now, military dolphins in Crimea will be transferred to the Russian Navy

By Will Stewart


The Army has been using the underwater mammals since the 70s, and they remained under Ukrainian command after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The bottlenose dolphins are trained to hunt for mines, plant bombs on hostile ships or attack enemy divers with special knives or pistols fixed to their heads.


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Jungle Rhythms – Follow them and find out why……

Great Cats of the "World"

Jungle Rhythms‘Jungle Rhythms’ is an initiative that is committed towards saving the last few tigers left in the Indian wilderness. Softly listening through tiger habitats across Indian jungles, Jungle Rhythms communicate ‘the voices of the jungle’ direct to the people who can protect them.

Non-Profit Organization: 538 like this

I am sharing this page because it is important for those of Us who truly care about the Remaining Tigers of India. This page offers you very Vital Informative Issues that is going on with the Iconic Species of this Country. If you care, then this is A Page I strongly recommend.
You can also start receiving your own personal e – journals from Jungle Rhythm just sign up !- Greatcatsofthe”World”

Via – Jungle Rhythms – Spring 2014 Issue – Releasing Today

Research Articles on Tiger Migrations, Andal Wetlands, Illegal Wildlife Trade, Rhino De-horning Case and many more…


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Stop the Killing COPENHAGEN ZOO!!!!

China’s Rich And Powerful Show Off Their Social Status By Attending Ritual Tiger Killings

China’s Rich And Powerful Show Off Their Social Status By Attending Ritual Tiger Killings


REUTERS/China Daily

A dead tiger is found during a police action in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, January 8, 2014.

More than 10 tigers have been killed as “visual feasts” to entertain officials and rich businessmen in a Chinese city, state media reported.

Police in Zhanjiang in the southern province of Guangdong seized a freshly slaughtered tiger and multiple tiger products in a raid this month, said the Nanfang Daily, the mouthpiece of the provincial Communist Party.

Local officials and successful businesspeople gathered to watch the tigers being killed as “eye-openers” to show off their social stature, it said.

Video footage of a killing two years ago showed the tiger, kept in an iron cage, having an electrified iron mass prodded into its mouth with a wooden…

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teabagger Alert!! – ‘Idaho Republicans Unconstitutionally Vote to Nullify Future Federal Laws’

The Last Of The Millenniums



Idaho is a welfare State meaning that they get back more money from the Federal Government then they send to the Federal Government.

If you want to stop this nullifying teabagger crap, just stop all Federal money to Idaho.

‘Last Friday, Idaho Republicans overwhelmingly passed legislation proclaiming Idaho does not have to tolerate federal gun laws going forward, and to prove the NRA makes and adjudicates federal law they criminalized enforcing federal gun statutes’.

‘The law nullifying federal firearm laws passed unanimously in both the House and Senate and takes effect immediately upon the Republican governor’s signature’.

‘The legislation does not just criminalize enforcement of federal gun laws by federal officials’,

‘it criminalizes enforcement of federal laws by Idaho state law enforcement officials for adhering to their sworn oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution’.
From :

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Help me find friends I lost when I had to delete my old blog please!

Daughters of Premarin — The Generics

Tuesday's Horse


Further to the reference of generics in the “Alternatives To” report, I think a separate word on the availability of generic Premarin® and its daughter drugs is warranted to clear up any confusion for those seeking to avoid products manufactured from the urine of pregnant mares.

Premarin has a long and interesting history when it comes to FDA approval of generics, a history mired in the ruthless and bloodthirsty battle of Big Pharma patent wars.

Many years ago, in 1986, the effectiveness of Premarin’s®, and other short-term acting estrogens, ability to diminish bone loss associated with osteoporosis was granted approved by the FDA. What was once a drug that was prescribed for the relief of menopausal symptoms now became the panacea for a long-term chronic problem. [1] And with this came a huge untapped market.

At this time there were certified generics that were interchangeable…

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WATCH: Darren Aronofsky Refuses to Use Real Animals in ‘Noah’ | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

American film director, screenwriter and film producer, Darren Aronofsky refused to use real animals while making the film “Noah,’ after working with primates on “The Fountain.” When it came to shooting scenes featuring animals for the new film, Aronofsy made the progressive and compassionate decision to use computer-generated imagery.

When Aronofsky had to film his menagerie of animals he made a promise to his leading man: “One of the first promises I made to Russell Crowe when he took on the role,” Aronofsky said, was that “I promise you won’t be standing on a deck with two giraffes sticking out behind you.”

Computer animation artists at the effects company Industrial Light & Magic, created some 14,000 computer-generated animals, none of which resemble any real animals in the twenty-first century, lending an autheticity to the film. Aronofsky “didn’t want traditional animals,” said visual effects supervisor Marc Chu. “This is not your…

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Letter: Wild Horse Population Growth Article Questioned

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Letter to the Editor of the Elko Daily News by Robert Bauer, Biologist

“To state that 40,000 to 50,000 wild horses could increase to 69,000 horses in just a one-year period is ludicrous.”

Dear Editor:

Twin Peaks Horses just prior to 2010 roundup ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Twin Peaks Horses just prior to 2010 roundup ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

A recent article was published in the Elko Daily Free Press entitled “Commentary: Tale of two species on Western rangelands,” by Thomas Mitchell, an article whose allegations were that wild horse and burro population was roughly 40,000 to 50,000, at present, and would be expected to grow to 69,000 in one year.

As a biologist, I am here to state that there are numerous factors that govern population growth for wild horses and burros, or lack thereof. To state that 40,000 to 50,000 wild horses could increase to 69,000 horses in just a one-year period is ludicrous.

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Why Is The US Military Performing Brain Surgery On Bees?

Dogs and Humans Use Similar Parts of Brain to Listen, Atilla Andics, Budapest found out

Dogs and humans use similar parts of brain to listen

The study, which compared fMRI brain scans of dogs and humans, showed that dogs respond most to sounds from other dogs, and humans to the voices of other humans.

Interpreting the cacophony of sounds in our environment is done in specific areas of the brain. For dogs and human, the process is remarkably similar, a new study shows. Using neuroimaging techniques, researchers in Hungary have found that dogs and humans utilize the same region of the brain for interpreting sounds in their environment. They discovered it by comparing fMRI brain scans of dogs and humans listening to different types of sounds. It’s a finding that casts intriguing insights into the unique relationship between two very different species. The scientists published their results in the Feb 20, 2014, issue of Current Biology.

Atilla Andics, of MTA-ELTE…

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Conservation Groups Collaborate to Celebrate Mexican Wolf

Mystery of the killer dog disease

Mystery of the killer dog disease

Kangaroo farts could help slow climate change

Cohen: The ugly truth about horse racing

Tuesday's Horse

Cross-posted from The Atlantic


There are essentially three types of people in horse racing.

There are the crooks who dangerously drug or otherwise abuse their horses, or who countenance such conduct from their agents, and who then dare the industry to come catch them. Then there are the dupes who labor under the fantasy that the sport is broadly fair and honest. And there are those masses in the middle—neither naive nor cheaters but rather honorable souls—who know the industry is more crooked than it ought to be but who still don’t do all they can to fix the problem.

The first category, the cheaters, are a small, feral minority still large enough to stain the integrity of the sport for everyone else. The second category, the innocents, also a small group, are more or less hopeless—if they haven’t figured out by now they are being wronged…

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Groups sue US Forest Service over wild horses

Tuesday's Horse

Cross-posted from

The USFS is planning to eliminate 80% of wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory (WHT). The WHT is located within Modoc County beginning about seven miles north of Alturas, California and comprises approximately 232,520 acres of federal land. This area is 97 percent National Forest System lands administered by the Modoc National Forest’s Devil’s Garden and Doublehead Ranger Districts (MDF) and three percent public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management’s Alturas Field Office. Image and caption information: Outdoor News. The USFS is planning to eliminate 80% of wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory (WHT). The WHT is located within Modoc County beginning about seven miles north of Alturas, California and comprises approximately 232,520 acres of federal land. This area is 97 percent National Forest System lands administered by the Modoc National Forest’s Devil’s Garden and Doublehead Ranger Districts (MDF) and three percent public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management’s Alturas Field Office. Image and caption information: Outdoor News.

ALTURAS, Calif. (AP) — Animal advocates have filed a lawsuit to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from rounding up many of the remaining wild horses in California’s Modoc National Forest.

The plaintiffs said in a statement Monday that the government agency’s plan to eliminate about 40 square miles of territory and reduce the horse population by 80 percent could lead to the…

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Wi-Fi-allergic Americans flock to West Virginia town where Wi-Fi is banned

3 Surprising Sources of Oil Pollution in the Ocean

Eco Books 4 Kids

An iridescent sheen spreads from a drop of crude oil on top of the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obvious oil spills, like the 168,000 gallons (635,000 liters) of oil that leaked into Galveston Bay on Saturday, usually make national news, accompanied by pictures of oil-blackened wildlife.

But such publicized events account for only a small part of the total amount of oil pollution in the oceans—and many of the other sources, such as automobile oil, go largely unnoticed, scientists say.

In fact, of the tens of millions of gallons of oil that enter North American oceans each year due to human activities, only 8 percent comes from tanker or oil pipeline spills, according to the 2003 book Oil in the Sea III by the U.S. National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, which is still considered the authority on oil-spill data.

Most oil pollution is “different…

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WTF: Fox News Says Texas’ Catastrophic Spill Is Just A Distraction Like Oreos For A Dieter So Build Keystone Already | Common Dreams

Houston braces for invasion of ‘Crazy Ants’

In Just One Day We Saved Thousands of Animals

Igor Purlantov

Twelve years ago on June 11, 2001, the No Kill sheltering movement went from the theoretical to the real. As I drove into the parking lot for the first time as the head of the open admission animal control shelter in Tompkins County, New York, an agency which took in all animals for the 10 towns and cities that made up the County, I was met at the front door by a truck driver with five kittens he didn’t want.

-Igor Purlantov

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