3/26/2014 UPDATE: Unilever – Oh Yeah, They Lie!


Unilever Australasia Unilever Australasia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May 2012:  After reporting that Unilever was ahead of its own schedule to source 100% of its palm oil from sustainable sources by the end of 2012, I received this today:

Dear friends of the rainforest,   one thousand people on the Indonesian island of Borneo have lost their forest. It was illegally cleared by the corporate group IOI that supplies Nestlé, Unilever and Neste Oil with palm oil. All three companies publicly pride themselves for their so-called “sustainability”.   Our partner Nordin, head of the organization Save Our Borneo (SOB), has collected plenty of watertight evidence against the criminals. He is preparing to file a case and the local government is backing him. However, to prevent more damage elsewhere, the palm oil Mafia’s profit stream has to be cut off. This is where Nordin needs our support.   Please call on Nestlé, Unilever and Neste Oil to cancel their business…

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