Georgia Governor Expected To Sign ‘The Most Extreme Gun Bill In America’

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Concealed Carry

While  reading the following article, my mind did a fast-forward slide show in which I could see headlines of mass killings in Clubs, Bars, Movie theaters, and worse.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  I truly hope someone convinces the Governor just how insane this bill is…

(Writing a letter to Gov. Deal after I publish this.)

Think Progress

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) is expected to sign a bill that even the National Rifle Association is calling the most “comprehensive gun bill” in recent state history. It allows guns in bars, nightclubs, and government buildings without security checkpoints such as libraries. It eliminates criminal charges for those who accidentally bring their guns to the airport or other secured buildings where guns are prohibited. It even expands the state’s Stand Your Ground provision to allow felons to invoke the defense, and allows guns in public schools by authorized teachers and administrators.


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