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Paving Paradise: the Road to Disaster

Fight for Rhinos

The Serengeti is a National Heritage Site, home to one of the most highly diverse groups of animals and habitats on the planet. The majestic serengeti mapecosystem stretches from Tanzania to Kenya, and 80% of it is currently protected by both governments.

The Serengeti is an infamous tourist destination, giving ample opportunities to view the Big Five, and of course the Great Migration. The Migration is an annual phenomenon, during which time hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebra and antelope move in herds from one grazing area to the next, spanning approximately 1800 miles.

Tourism is a significant part of Kenya’s economy, and it has emerged as the top foreign exchange earner in Tanzania last year as well.  According to Africa Travel and Tourism, basing on its great potential, the sector has much to be confident about in 2014.

Paving Paradise

construction in serengetiIn 2010, the Tanzania government announced a plan to construct…

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Howling For Justice





Please participate if you have a Twitter account!  Spread the word! This is our last chance to protest against the horrible USFWS national wolf delisting proposal.

If you haven’t commented yet please do. Click HERE to comment.


Photo: Courtesy ERIPE LUPUS

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Perhaps they should have put carpet in

southern ground hornbill at the dallas zoo

Endangered Living

The southern ground hornbill is the largest species of hornbill bird and can be found naturally across the savannas of Africa. These birds are listed as vulnerable, according to the IUCN Red List, but studies done in South Africa suggest they could be in much worse trouble than scientists previously thought. Their habitat is being cleared for farmland and these birds are dying off.

A Southern Ground Hornbill walks the savanna habitat at the Dallas Zoo A Southern Ground Hornbill walks the savanna habitat at the Dallas Zoo

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` Oldest Wine Cellar in the World ‘

Cat Vs Trashcan video


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Hey, it’s time for your Sunday smile…


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Fantastic New Novel: ‘The Awareness’ | MFA Blog

Life or Lunch?

the-awareness-cover-thumb-210x320 “The Awareness” is a riveting new novel from Gene Stone and Jon Doyle that envisions a time when all animals suddenly gain a universal consciousness and rise up en masse against humankind.

Told through the eyes of four protagonists, “The Awareness” is a book for anyone who’s grappled with humanity’s oftentimes brutal treatment of animals.

We were lucky enough to chat with Gene about the origins and themes of the novel.

1. Can you talk about the overall inspiration for the novel?

I’ve written several books about veganism, including “Forks Over Knives” and (with Rip Esselstyn) “The Engine 2 Diet,” and am now working with Gene Baur on his forthcoming book about Farm Sanctuary. There are many other non-fiction books about plant-based diets out there as well. It’s amazing how many have been published in the last decade, and quite a number of them are terrific. But there hasn’t been…

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This Drone-Captured Video Shows Why Dolphins Don’t Belong in Theme Parks

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Justice for Florida dog set on fire by owner!