What’s Convincing 50 Million Chinese People to Go Vegetarian?

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The Chinese are lovers of food. It’s a big part of their culture. While China is the land where tofu was born, it’s also no secret that the Chinese love eating meat. These days, however, literally millions in China are apparently going vegetarian — not because they have to, but because they want to.

Certainly, vegetables are less expensive than meat, and some of the shift is probably due to simple economics. There’s also no denying the centuries-old influence of Buddhism, which teaches adherents to exercise compassion. Many Buddhists adopt a vegetarian diet in response.

In addition to these factors, however, there’s a developing trend of eco-consciousness, particularly among the younger Chinese generation. It is helping to turn twentysomethings into card carrying vegans and vegetarians. More to the point, it’s turning China into the country with the most vegetarians and vegans per capita in…

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