Worm evolves to eat corn that was genetically engineered to kill it.

The Truth is Where?

By Christopher Hooton  18th March 2014.       Find Article Here:-

 Nature has fought back against biotechnology, with rootworms now being able to stomach corn that was genetically modified to poison the pests.
While an awe-inspiring demonstration of nature’s endurance, the development could cause billions of dollars worth of damage to US crops.

Named after the pesticidal toxin-producing Bacillus thuringiensis it contains, Bt corn makes up 75% of the US’s corn crop, but scientists’ predictions that rootworms would evolve to overcome the poison were largely ignored by farmers, companies and regulatory bodies, who have been accused of “squandering the benefits of genetic modification.”

Bt corn was first planted in 1996 as an alternative to insecticides which cause more ecological damage, and quickly caused the numbers of the voracious worm to plummet.

Bt corn makes up 75% of US corn crops (Picture: Getty)

By the turn of the millennium scientists were warning…

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