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UPDATE~ Need To Find a Home For An 8 Year Old Mastiff

Wolf Who Fled Isle Royale Was Killed By A Pellet Gun…

Howling For Justice

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Wolves are not safe anywhere. The poor female wolf, called Isabelle, who escaped her home on Isle Royale, was killed by a pellet gun, causing fatal injuries. The endless suffering wolves are enduring is beyond measure.


Pellet gun killed wolf that fled Isle Royale park

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014 7:37 am

Associated Press |

TRAVERSE CITY (AP) — A gray wolf that fled Isle Royale National Park across a Lake Superior ice bridge and was found dead on the mainland had been shot with a pellet from an air gun, officials said Friday.

The 5-year-old female, nicknamed “Isabelle” by researchers who monitor wolves and moose on the island park, was described as a loner that had been bullied by other wolves.

She escaped this winter, seizing the rare opportunity to traverse at least 15 miles of ice separating Isle Royale from an area along the U.S.-Canadian border. Isabelle’s body was…

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All of trapped dolphins off Newfoundland have died

Premarin Horses: How many does it take to make a billion dollars? Part 2

Tuesday's Horse


So let’s get started. Be warned ahead of time that this estimate is very rudimentary and relies heavily on averages and interpolation of information collected from various sources.

There are three main estrogens (along with other minor estrogen analogues), collectively referred to as CEEs [conjugated equine estrogens], found in Premarin® and its daughter products such as Prempro®, Premphase® and the new osteo-menopausal combination drug Duavee®:

(1) estrone sulfate;
(2) sodium equilin sulfate and;
(3) 17α-dihydroequilenin sulfate.

CEEs are isolated from urine via a solid phase extraction process followed by either HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) or TLC (thin layer chromatography) on silica gel – both methods give good results with over 97% recoveries.

Ranges of the concentrations measured during the collection period were given as:

Estrone sulfate: 0.8 – 6.4 mg/L
Sodium equilin sulfate: 0.4 – 3.2 mg/L
17α-dihydroequilenin sulfate: 0.3 – 2.4 mg/L


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The FedEx Aircraft was on a dangerous collision heading with what appears to be two chemtrail tankers

Chemtrails!!! Not to be confused with contrails which is only water vapor and ice crystals!

Amid Complaints of Animal Neglect, ‘Worst Zoo in the World’ Closes Its Doors in Croatia | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Split, Croatia’s second largest city, is situated on the Adriatic coastline and is one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations thanks to its location and historic monuments, some of which date back to the Roman times. While tourists have often been satisfied with their visit to Split, one particular attraction – the Split Zoo – has left many visitors disturbed.

A number of low-level reviews have been left about the unaccredited zoo onTripAdvisor, with one visitor stating, “This is by far the worst zoo I have ever seen … The bears had … feces everywhere … and the food being given to the animals looked like it was completely rotten … Someone please shut this place down and send the animals somewhere else!!!”

Amid Complaints of Animal Neglect ‘Worst Zoo in the World’ Closes Its Doors in CroatiaTripAdvisor

Another reviewer reported, “The zoo in Split is located at the very top of the Marjan Hill and can be reached…

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Worm evolves to eat corn that was genetically engineered to kill it.

The Truth is Where?

By Christopher Hooton  18th March 2014.       Find Article Here:-

 Nature has fought back against biotechnology, with rootworms now being able to stomach corn that was genetically modified to poison the pests.
While an awe-inspiring demonstration of nature’s endurance, the development could cause billions of dollars worth of damage to US crops.

Named after the pesticidal toxin-producing Bacillus thuringiensis it contains, Bt corn makes up 75% of the US’s corn crop, but scientists’ predictions that rootworms would evolve to overcome the poison were largely ignored by farmers, companies and regulatory bodies, who have been accused of “squandering the benefits of genetic modification.”

Bt corn was first planted in 1996 as an alternative to insecticides which cause more ecological damage, and quickly caused the numbers of the voracious worm to plummet.

Bt corn makes up 75% of US corn crops (Picture: Getty)

By the turn of the millennium scientists were warning…

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17 must-reads on wildlife trafficking


Between Thorn Bushes and Claws


Brown bear cubs. Picture: Ruben Portas

by Robin Meadows

When wolves and other large carnivores threaten people and their livestock, wildlife managers often resort to killing these predators. But now there’s hope for a nonlethal solution to controlling carnivores. New research shows that movement-activated guards with strobe lights and sound recordings can help keep wolves and bears away.

“High-technology devices are much more expensive, complicated, and limited in effectiveness than a single bullet from a high-powered rifle, but they also allow a predator to live — surely the goal of conservation,” say John Shivik of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center, and Utah State University in Logan; Adrian Treves, who did this work while at Conservation International in Madison, Wisconsin, and is now at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Bronx, New York; and Peggy Callahan of the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota. This…

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Trolls, Trolls and More Trolls…UGH!!!

Man accused of encouraging people online to kill themselves awaits court ruling

South Korea: Cat Meat Cat’s Stress

“Danger: Enlightened Dog”–Himalayan “Beware Of The Dog” Signs

Can We (meaning you and me) Please stop Paying For Subsidies Paid Out in Stupid ways Every Year? Thanks!

Rakuten – The World’s Biggest Online Retailer of Elephant Ivory and Whale Meat

The ocean update

Blood-e-Commerce-coverMarch 18th, 2014 (Economic Voice Staff). Japanese retail giant Rakuten is today exposed as the world’s biggest online marketplace for elephant ivory and whale meat products.

The new report “Blood e-Commerce: Rakuten’s profits from the slaughter of elephants and whales” – released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in conjunction with Humane Society International (HSI) – reveals that the company’s Japanese website carries more than 28,000 ads for elephant ivory products and some 1,200 whale meat products ads.

Internationally ambitious, the company owns Rakuten Shopping (formerly in the US, in the UK, PriceMinister in France, shopping sites in Germany, Austria, Brazil and other countries, Canadian e-book reader Kobu and popular chat app Viber, as well as being a major shareholder in Pinterest.

Up to 50,000 African elephants are poached each year in a worsening crisis to satisfy the demand for ivory from Japan and China…

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Busan Gijang Police: Proper investigation and prosecution of psychopath who killed countless dogs by sledgehammer blow to the neck and blowtorching in Busan Gijang, South Korea

Taean, S. Korea! Revoke the permit for illegal dog meat farm immediately and protect the welfare of Taean residents!

Busan, South Korea! Close down all illegal dog slaughterhouses & restaurants in Gupo market now!

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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Justice for Gilyongee! South Korea, Strengthen Animal Protection Act and Ban Dog and Cat Consumption!