Ear tattoo helps re-unite cat missing for 12 years with owner

Global News

A cat who went missing for 12 years has been tracked back to its owner thanks to an old ear tattoo.

Maxine was found last Saturday, not far from the Vancouver SPCA shelter.

A tattoo in her ear revealed she’s been missing for 12 years.

Lorie Chortyk with Vancouver SPCA says the tattoo was faded, and it took them a few days to figure out Maxine’s story.

The tattoo marks led them to a veterinary clinic that had her listed as deceased, because she has been missing for so long.

“Through a lot of detective work, we were able to find her owner in Florida,” says Chortyk. “She was absolutely thrilled to find out that her cat was alive.”

The owner has been contacted, and now they are trying to figure out if Maxine is healthy enough to be flown to Florida.

She is 16 years old, and was found…

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