US plans to speed poultry slaughtering, cut inspections

Published on Friday, March 7, 2014 by Inter Press Service

USDA is ‘Endangering the Lives of Millions of Americans’

US plans to speed poultry slaughtering, cut inspections

  by Carey L. Biron

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government is in the final stages of weighing approval for an overhaul of regulations governing the country’s poultry industry that would see processing speeds increase substantially even while responsibility for oversight would be largely given over to plant employees.

The proposed rule would see top chicken-processing speeds increased from the current 140 per minute to as high as 175. The rule would also decrease the number of federal inspectors assigned to processing plants by 75 percent, leaving the slack to be picked up by company employees. In addition, chemicals like chlorine and others will now be used with more frequency as a way to “cleanse” the birds of pathogens. (Credit: Food Safety News) The…

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