More Than A Year Has Gone And No Answers To Pygmy Elephants Deaths

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Malaysia: More than a year on and still no answer to deaths of poisoned pygmy elephants
It looks like the answers into the death of Sabah’s 14 pygmy elephants will be buried forever with the dead elephants. It has been more than a year and Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun, the Sabah Wildlife Department, the Sabah police  and others, are still keeping silent as to who …were responsible for their deaths and why no arrests have been made.
When news of the deaths first broke there was much hue and cry from all parties concerned, but eventually all interest came to an end. The authorities are accountable to the Malaysian public and their stoic silence does not bode well for their reputation unless they decide to sweep this hideous crime under the carpet.
Even before a conclusive finding leading to the arrest of the…

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