USA: SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare – California.

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Seaworld orcas

(Photo: Handout/Getty Images)

SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare: Calif. Lawmaker to Propose Ban on Orcas in Captivity

If passed, the bill would be the most comprehensive protection law for captive orcas in the United States in more than 40 years.

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, ‘Death at Seaworld,’ was published in 2012.

In a surprising move that is sure to send shock waves across the entire captive whale and dolphin industry, a California lawmaker will propose legislation to outlaw Shamu shows at SeaWorld San Diego.

State Assemblymember Richard Bloom, D–Santa Monica, will introduce Friday the Orca Welfare and Safety Act, which would make it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” The bill would also ban artificial insemination of captive killer whales in California and block the import of orcas or orca semen…

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A look at the world’s deadliest air disasters

Malaysian plane crash: Oil Slicks Found In Sea

Great white shark Lydia’s record-breaking journey

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This video is called Great White Shark Living Legend Documentary.

By Alyssa Danigelis, Discovery News:

Great White Shark On Historic Marathon Migration

March 07, 2014 10:03am ET

A great white shark called Lydia is set to make history. First tagged a year ago off the Florida coast, she’s on her way to becoming the first tracked white shark to cross the Atlantic.

Lydia is being monitored by the marine nonprofit Ocearch as part of its ongoing project to help researchers and scientists gather previously unattainable data on shark movement, biology and health. The 14-foot-6-inch great white has migrated more than 19,000 miles since being tagged, and is about to cross the mid-Atlantic ridge — closer to Europe than the United States.

Over time, Ocearch has collaborated with over 50 researchers from more than 20 institutions. The team that tagged Lydia included Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries senior scientist…

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Dog left with “face hanging off” after vicious attack needs help to fund operation

Climate Change Is changing Antarctic Ocean Currents

Remove The Speedbit Virus From Windows 7

Don Charisma

I downloaded some free software to “accelerate downloads” called “Download Accelerate Plus”. It kind of works, but I uninstalled it as it was causing problems on my machine (Control Panel->Uninstall a program). I now mostly do downloads on Firefox because I found this to be a better solution.

You’d think that’d Speedbit would be gone, but no, my browser homepage on both Firefox and Chrome resets itself to “” anytime the machine is restarted. It also sets the default search engine on both browsers to speedbit. This seems to have got worse, presumably because this nasty bit of software automatically updates itself.

It’s incredibly annoying because I start the browser to do some work, and then have extra unnecessary steps to reset it back to my normal search engine. This becomes old very fast. In fact they’ve annoyed me enough to spend a few hours putting this how-to together.

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Native American Tobacco again is the top question of the day

Shechaim's News of the Day

Today the tracker has seven question about our tobacco, yesterday there was five?

Lets try this as help in your understanding?

Why present tobacco to an elder?

Our ancestors, as did many past cultures, treated their royalty and their elders with tremendous respect.

The Chiefs of the plains and west coast tribes, Pharaohs of Egypt, Caesar’s of Rome, Kings and Queens of England and France and so on.

Gifts were always demanded!

Remember that we are now teaching tobacco, our family members are also great gifts for another teaching?

In our culture the greatest giving gift would be a gift from our mother, Mother Earth.

In order to speak with anyone of them, one would need a wise elder as go between?

If you must use someone as go between, like for instance a cab driver, one would expect to give a gift at the end of the drive?


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` Boeing Dream-Liners are found to have hairline cracks in the wings – Reports'

Australian Prime Minister hates national parks

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This video is called Wonders of Australia’s National Parks, 1 of 3: Riches of Deserts and Wetlands.

Australian right wing Prime Minister Tony Abbott is very chummy with equally right wing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe; especially when they together promote militarism.

However, while the Japanese Abe administration recently at least proclaimed one new national park, Abbott looks like he wants to out-Abe Abe in a race ever more to the extreme right.

From Wildlife Extra:

Australian PM outrages with anti national parks stance

March 2014: The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared he will not support the creation of any new national parks in Australia and that the country has quite enough, despite the fact that they cover just four per cent of Australia.

Speaking at the ForestWorks dinner in Canberra Tony Abbott said he was committed to supporting the Tasmanian logging timber…

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Hormones Might Offer Relief From Chronic Pain, Small Study Suggests

STOP Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.S.

Many beer and wine makers add fish bladders, gelatin and powdered blood to their products

Paper to Use

by: David Gutierrez

Although very few beers or wines are made using animal ingredients, such ingredients are often used during the filtration process, in which natural solids are removed to give the final product a translucent appearance.

These solids include ingredients that are part of the original recipe (such as grape skins) as well as solids that form during fermentation (such as yeast cells).

Common filtering (or “fining”) additives include egg whites, milk proteins, sea shells, gelatin (made from animal hides) and isinglass (a substance similar to gelatin, made from the swim bladders of fish!).

In the past, cow blood was a relatively common fining agent, but it has now been banned in the European Union due to mad cow disease concerns. Some wines from other regions may still be fined with blood, however.

Alcoholic beverages bearing a “vegan” label are made without any of these ingredients, but in most…

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The people you meet

Meet 5 Women Who Are Changing the World | Peta UK

Life or Lunch?

This Saturday marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s groundbreaking achievements and continue to encourage and support them to create positive change. Here at PETA UK, we have no shortage of strong, accomplished women to look to – we were founded by one, after all. In honour of International Women’s Day, here are five of the women who are leading the animal rights movement and who embody this year’s theme: “Inspiring Change“.


Let’s start with our own Mimi Bekhechi. As PETA UK’s associate director, she heads our campaigns as well as our media, marketing and corporate work. Under her leadership, PETA UK has grown into the largest animal rights group in the country and has achieved many victories, including convincing world-famous department store Selfridges to abandon foie gras sales as well as the House of Lords, Wimbledon, Lord’s Cricket Ground and some of the…

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Help Protect Pets from Domestic Violence

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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Save Orcas From Performing at California Marine Parks

Spiritual Poem – A Whale Awakening

Sentient Metaphysics

Mother of the silica seas
omnipresent of the divine
sacred please keep in mind
communications with the ones
you cannot find

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Good whale news from Japan

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This video is called Humpback Whales – BBC documentary excerpt.

After bad news from Japan about taxpayer-funded killing of whales … and good news about Japanese demonstrating against whaling … now some more good news.

From Wildlife Extra:

Japan saves humpback breeding grounds

March 2014: It’s good news for humpbacks as Japan has designated the Kerama Islands and surrounding waters in Okinawa Prefecture as the country’s 31st national park and the first in three decades. These waters are also famed as a breeding ground for whales, including humpbacks who migrate to the tropical waters for mating between December and April every year.

The designated area includes 30 islets and reefs, and covers 3,520 hectares of dry land and 94,750 hectares of ocean. It lies 35 kilometres west of Okinawa Main Island and is famous for its rich aquatic environment. It is home to 248 species of coral.


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Infographic: Illegal Wildlife Trade

Lady Gaga Gets Bitten By Venomous Primate, Sparking Outrage Over Loris Trafficking

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

Slow loris expert: Lady Gaga may have put herself in danger by handling venomous, endangered primate
Lady Gaga photo from @ladygaga. Loris photo courtesy of Little Fireface

Last week, the musical artist, Lady Gaga, was “nipped” by the world’s only venomous primate, a slow loris, in a misguided attempt to use the animal in a new music video. After it bit the musician, the idea of using the primate in the video was dropped. This was just as well, according to loris expert Anna Nekaris, who says that slow lorises have become increasingly endangered worldwide by the illegal pet trade after people have seen them on YouTube videos.
“Slow lorises are one of the most sought after illegal exotic pets. As it is extremely difficult to breed them in captivity, these fragile animals are culled from the wild in unsustainable numbers and are kept as pets within Asia as…

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More Than A Year Has Gone And No Answers To Pygmy Elephants Deaths

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

Malaysia: More than a year on and still no answer to deaths of poisoned pygmy elephants
It looks like the answers into the death of Sabah’s 14 pygmy elephants will be buried forever with the dead elephants. It has been more than a year and Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun, the Sabah Wildlife Department, the Sabah police  and others, are still keeping silent as to who …were responsible for their deaths and why no arrests have been made.
When news of the deaths first broke there was much hue and cry from all parties concerned, but eventually all interest came to an end. The authorities are accountable to the Malaysian public and their stoic silence does not bode well for their reputation unless they decide to sweep this hideous crime under the carpet.
Even before a conclusive finding leading to the arrest of the…

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