March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now

Tuesday's Horse

Welcome to the month of March, a time of year when we focus on a key horse welfare issue for the entire month.

This year we are marching once again for Premarin Horses. Let’s get started.

A particular item to note is that Aprela ― after many years ― was finally approved by the FDA.

It just so happens the FDA approved it during the federal government shutdown.

The most surprising aspect of the FDA’s approval (besides the approval itself) is that Pfizer changed the name of the drug in what appears the final moments. Instead of Aprela, the newest member of the Premarin family of drugs is called Duavee.

Notice Pfizer (who bought out Wyeth, for our purposes the originators of these hormone replacement therapy drugs) opted to market the new drug without the familiar word “Prem” in front of it.

While Aprela is a gentle sounding name, Duavee…

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