Author says Tyson Foods keeps farmers in state of ‘indentured servitude’

John Kerry warns of ocean ‘dead zones’ from pollution and acidification

Ocean Acidification

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned of growing “dead zones” in the world’s oceans, calling for greater global efforts to protect marine life.

In his second major environmental speech this month, he said pollution, over-fishing and acidification linked to greenhouse gas emissions were stripping the high seas of life.

Kerry hinted the US could support an increase in the world’s marine reserves, urging countries to work together at the United Nations to address what he called one of the most “complex global challenges” facing the planet.

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NASA’s Real-Life ‘Gravity’ Images Will Blow You Away – My 2,000th Blog

Is Solitary Confinement About to be Outlawed in the U.S.? VIDEO

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is Solitary Confinement About to be Outlawed in the U.S.?
 Video Solitary Confinement May Be Headed For Reform Nationwide

Joe Wright Activist Post
Human rights activists have for decades been urging the U.S. government to prohibit the use of solitary confinement as a means of punishment.
First, it is important to note that articles such as this one invariably elicit a fair amount of comments that say something to the effect of, “Hey, like we should care about hardened criminals … what about the people and families they have destroyed? Screw ’em, lock ’em up and throw away the key. Let ’em rot.” I’ll admit to having that visceral reaction myself when reading about some of the most sadistic crimes one can imagine perpetrated upon another human being. However, this is only a limited view of the entire situation.
The fact is that the…

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To Pres. Obama: Don’t Approve the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline (petition)




We have one last chance to officially tell President Obama not to approve the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

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Chile Safeguards Blue Whales With New Marine Park

Eco Books 4 Kids

Blue whale shows its tail in Chilean waters

Endangered blue whales and 12 species of dolphins will flourish in the waters of south-central Chile after the government this week inaugurated the largest Marine Protected Area in continental Chile.

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera, Wednesday visited the Bay of Tic-Toc to inaugurate the new Tic-Toc Marine Park, as part of Chile’s Bicentenary Legacy program.

The reserve spans a marine area of 87,500 hectares, stretching from Punta Yeli to Punta Guala on the southern border of the Los Lagos region. From now on it will be used only for scientific and recreational activities; all industrial activities are prohibited.

Read the full story here.

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Quote Of Today: International Aquarium Trade

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

The truth is that the international aquarium trade, in which dolphins are subjected to a lifetime of captivity and deprivation for human entertainment, is providing the profits that help sustain Japan’s drive hunts. ( My note , mainly Chinese demand)—EIA

Dolphins perform in a Japanese aquarium (c) EIA

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South Central US Poisoned by New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News

Veterans Today

Enough to Kill 35,5000 People Released so Far

… by  Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) – Feb 28, 2014 – Carlsbad, New Mexico is the site of the nation’s only nuclear weapons program garbage dump. Plutonium is used in making The Bomb, it melts at 640 Deg C or 1,184 Deg F, and is made in reactors. It is not mined anywhere on Earth. Reactors exist to make Bombs.


Source Current Argus Carlsbad New Mexico img_591-Feb.-06-09.35

Black Smoke from Plutonium Fire at Nuke Garbage Dump Source Current Argus

The Carlsbad Bomb making garbage dump is on fire. The burning radioactive metal does not go away, it turns to dense black radioactive smoke. The black smoke is very obvious in the daytime and it streamed from several ventilator shafts during a fire at the dump two weeks ago.

The shafts were then closed and the visible smoke kept underground. Plutonium does not need oxygen to burn…

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Petition | Harsher penalty for former soldier that kicked cat lying injured on Manchester street! | English

Mystery of deadly toxin killing dogs in UK

40 dogs including 22 PUPPIES found in appalling conditions

Smartphone App Sends Chemtrail Photo Directly to Your Local Gov’t Representative

Nigeria restaurant serves roasted human heads

Africa Is Not Asia, it’s worse

Some people truly don’t deserve to ever walk free again. Ever. Dog Put Down After Man Rapes It, Beats It With Bat: Cops

Animals Are Fellow Beings

Dog Put Down After Man Rapes It, Beats It With Bat: Cops –

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WTF???? Man Covered In Jello Jelly CAUGHT Having Sex With Cow While Friend Recorded

Petition | Justice for Joe, Ontario cat shot 17 times! | English


The Commercial Truth Behind Taiji Drive Hunt

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

The commercial truth behind Taiji’s fig leaf lie of ‘tradition’

February 21, 2014

Pilot whales in Taiji (c) EIA

Pilot whales driven into a bay in Taiji (c) EIA


You may have seen some of the extensive media coverage in recent weeks of Japan’s infamous drive hunts in Taiji after some 250 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the infamous cove to be captured for aquaria or slaughtered for food, with the remnants of the fractured pod later driven back out to sea.

In the face of fierce international criticism from governments and the public, we have seen the same myths and misinformation promulgated by the Japanese Government in defence of these hunts; namely that they are sustainable, lawful, and traditional.

In fact, as EIA’s report Toxic Catch, documents, Japanese scientific data shows that the abundance of several of the hunted populations has declined drastically due to over-exploitation. Nonetheless, the Government continues to set…

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A TRUE Friend!!

My Good Time Stories

A TRUE Friend!!

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend…and here’s proof!! A dog guards it’s Master as this soldier sleeps in an airport…AWESOME!

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Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 107 – The Southern Pudú

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor


“Killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventure, for hides and furs is a phenomena which is at once disgusting and distressing. There is no justification in indulging is such acts of brutality.”
The Dalai Lama

SPudu outhern pudús are the smallest deer in existence. Their size, coupled with their endearing appearance, has made them targets for the illegal exotic pet market. Many have been taken from the wild as babies to satisfy the whims of uncaring and mindless consumers, oblivious to all but their own desires. Pudú are also snatched from the wild and shipped off to various zoos around the world, presumably to aid the survival of the species!

But their plight doesn’t end there. Specialist trained dogs are used to hunt them down. The pudús are then fed to the dogs as part of their diet. Dogs, incidentally, which also transmit diseases to the deer. And…

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Hero saves dying dog on freeway

People Saving Lions – Join the March in Your City Today – Rosemary Wright – A Beating Heart



Rosemary Wright has graciously allowed me to share this blog post from her wonderful animal advocacy blog A Beating Heart. Over 40 cities around the world are marching on March 15th to raise awareness and to advocate on the issue of ‘canned lion hunting’. This is a heinous practice in which lions are bred in captivity and then sold to trophy hunters to be killed in captivity. These animals are often tame and drugged. This practice is undermining the few remaining wild lions that are left. This industry is supported by tourists.

A big thanks to Rosemary for her dedicated advocacy of the world’s beautiful critters.

The Power Of Images Surpasses The Eloquence Of The Written Word

Why Participate In The International March For Lions?

The Power Of Images Surpasses The Eloquence Of The Written Word – when it comes to awakening the human heart and the global consciousness. There is no…

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March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now

Tuesday's Horse

Welcome to the month of March, a time of year when we focus on a key horse welfare issue for the entire month.

This year we are marching once again for Premarin Horses. Let’s get started.

A particular item to note is that Aprela ― after many years ― was finally approved by the FDA.

It just so happens the FDA approved it during the federal government shutdown.

The most surprising aspect of the FDA’s approval (besides the approval itself) is that Pfizer changed the name of the drug in what appears the final moments. Instead of Aprela, the newest member of the Premarin family of drugs is called Duavee.

Notice Pfizer (who bought out Wyeth, for our purposes the originators of these hormone replacement therapy drugs) opted to market the new drug without the familiar word “Prem” in front of it.

While Aprela is a gentle sounding name, Duavee…

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Colored lobster rope could be safer for whales (East Coast, USA)

The ocean update

In this March 27, 2009 file photo, a lobsterman throws additional fishing rope onto a pile in Rockland, Maine. Pat Wellenbach, File/Associated Press In this March 27, 2009 file photo, a lobsterman throws additional fishing rope onto a pile in Rockland, Maine. Pat Wellenbach, File/Associated Press

March 1st, 2014. ROCKPORT, Maine — Preventing endangered northern right whales from becoming entangled in lobster gear could be as simple as changing the color of rope, a whale researcher says.

If the whales can see the fishing gear more clearly, then they are better able to avoid it, said Scott Kraus, a leading researcher on northern right whales.

“We know they can see the ropes. We thought by making them more visible they might be like traffic cones” by steering whales away from danger, Kraus said at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum, an annual fishing industry event that draws together fishermen, regulators, researchers and other industry officials.

North Atlantic right whales, whose large eyes are adapted to the low light of the ocean, may be more…

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The Extinct Coyote

Creek Cat

Most of us know the sad story of the Passenger Pigeon.  While details may be missing in your knowledge, you are sure to know they are extinct. Probably, you’ve heard the story of Martha, the last surviving member of her species that lived in the Cincinnati Zoo. Some zoo patrons threw dirt at her because she simply sat perched; doing nothing to entertain them, her coos subdued. She succumbed to death on September 1, 1909, leaving us with only pictures, preserved bodies stored in a drawer in a natural museum, and the stories of this beautiful bird with the hazel colored eye, iridescent wings, and orange breast.


The Passenger Pigeon was believed to be the most abundant bird species in the world, with population estimates at 3-5 billion when Europeans first immigrated to the North American continent.  They were once so numerous that a flock was witnessed to be 1…

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Dear Alaska, Please Don’t Delist Humpback Whales Before They’re Ready (USA)

The ocean update

Humpback-whale.largeFebruary 28th, 2014 (Alicia Graef). The state of Alaska has taken action to have federal protection removed from North Pacific humpback whales, who it believes are no longer in need of protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game filed a petition with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) this week seeking to have a population of North Pacific humpback whales who travel between Alaska and Hawaii every year declared as a distinct population that should be delisted.

There were believed to be as few as 1,000 humpbacks left when whaling was stopped in 1966. A few years later they were protected under the Endangered Species and Conservation Act of 1969 and then by the Endangered Species Act. Now scientists believe that there are more than 21,000 humpbacks in the North Pacific.

The population the state wants removed is known as the Central North Pacific…

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Sunday Treat: Drones Over Dolphin Stampede and Whales off Dana Point and Maui (5:00)

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Vote April 14 to Save our White Deer